Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite/Infinito

To quote a section of this week’s challenge: “Infinity can produce contrasting effects on (and in) us: it might make us feel dwarfed or amplified…”

Every time I’m near the ocean I feel dwarfed, like a small particle on a pin à la “Horton Hears a Who”.  One of those small little Who’s, a tiny speck dancing on the head of a pin.  Yesterday this was amplified by the brightness of the blue sky and the sounds of the crashing waves.


Then I also got to thinking that perhaps infinity is a matter of perspective.  To this little Bubble Crab the beach is immeasurable.


And still yet I think that infinito may seem bottomless sometimes.  But then it can also be a trick of the eye…

Tide Pool

Either way it was impossible to measure or calculate my soaring spirit after a walk on the beach on a beautiful day in the campo.

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