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A Large Sign that Moves

Sign: a notice that is publicly displayed giving information or instructions in a written or symbolic form. This week Spay Panama is in the Azuero Peninsula on a sterilization mission.  The team drives throughout the country in this converted school bus … Continue reading

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Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Water, water, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner ~ Atrazine is an herbicide used to prevent pre and post-emergence broad-leaf weeds in crops such as maize (corn) and sugarcane and it … Continue reading

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Yep, Got the SUV All Legal

Before we moved to Panama we made contact (thanks to Vecino) with a young fellow who helped us buy our vehicle.  As I’ve said before, if you speak very little or no Spanish hiring an expeditor to help you to … Continue reading

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¡Feliz Fin de Semana! Friday Free for All…

Yes, it’s the weekend again.  I spoke with mi Mama last night and she tells me that the Frozen North is living up to its name and is, well, the Frozen North once again.  And yet when I spoke to … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Just…Difficult Part 1

I didn’t have anything ready to post to the blog this morning.    We haven’t had reliable internet for two days and I was expecting to not have internet again this morning.  It’s not that we haven’t paid our bill, we … Continue reading

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Life is too Short for Bad Coffee

I know, I haven’t posted anything for over a week and you’re waiting with bated breath for something intelligent to roll off the page today.  But as I’m watching the beautiful sunrise light up the sky this morning this is … Continue reading

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Off to do Groceries Today- Stores and Products

I guess I picked a boring topic today but it’s been a while since we’ve gone into “town” and done a big grocery shop.  We manage to get by most times with doing one kind of larger shop every three … Continue reading

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Buying Pots and Hunting for Tom Turkey

I’m a little late posting today and I’d like to blame Gerardo, he of the late vegetale truck.  Where he was we do not know, he said something about Americanos, but he did show up eventually.  In the meantime my … Continue reading

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A Day of Separate Adventures

If you’ve been following along you would have noticed that I took a trip into the city yesterday with my two amigos.  The three of us Lucky, Dusty, and Ned left mi casa a little after six and after a brief … Continue reading

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Cheers to the Weekend!

I can’t believe another week has passed by already!  The local children were back in school after their mid-term break making the neighborhood a lot quieter. The children at the end of the street go to school at 7:00 and … Continue reading

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