We’re Not in the Campo Anymore Toto!

And so we’re on the last leg of the “Tour de Sobrina Chiquita 2015” and we’ve left the campo to travel to the Big City.  Yep, the Big Sweatbox, Big Traffic Jams, and big everything else to our little campesino eyes.

We arrived at casa de mi amiga late yesterday afternoon after successfully obtaining a Panapass.  This allows us to travel on the corredors (freeways) that are paid as you go.  We’ve never needed one before because they have only been mandatory for less than a year, replacing the swipe cards that were used for Corredor Norte and Corredor Sur.  (Dusty, you can let El Gordo know that keeping his card was a waste of time.)  We haven’t brought the vehicle into PTY since the stickers came into being and this is the first time in a year that SU has traveled to the city.

Last night we decided to go see  Los juegos del hambre: Sinsajo. P 2 (that would be The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2).  Feeling adventurous we decided we would try a VIP theater it’s a little pricier but you can see by the photos that you have to try it at least once.  After spending three hours in luxury being waited on and eating my weight in caramel popcorn, a normal theater experience would be a major let down.  But what am I saying, the closet movie theater to la casa is an hour away and any movie is  an adventure…in the campo.

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Snapshot Sunday ~ 29/11/2015

This series is for Vecino from the Santa Catalina celebration last Tuesday.

I know that Vecino loves this s#%t so here is some more from the photo collection of Sobrina Chiquita.  She did a great job for her first time at a Panamanian fiesta.

I also know how much Vecina is missing all the noise and revelry that goes with it these spectacular lights, but then again maybe not.  This last one was truly a sight to see and Sobrina Chiquita captured the essence of this crazy wooden bull that appeared to be on fire…in the campo.IMG_6259 SCCIMG_6268

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Transición Del Océano

We’ve spent a great amount of time at the beach since Sobrina Chiquita arrived for her visit.  We were worried that Wet Season would interfere with our activities but we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how we’ve been able to enjoy our plans without the weather interfering too much.

The first time we took Sobrina Chiquita boogie boarding it was in a gran tormenta but this is Panama, even in the rain it was a beautiful day.   The next day it transitioned to sunshine.  We’ve returned many times since then and been blessed with wonderful, sunny weather…in the campo.

To see other entries in this week’s photo challenge click here.

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I don’t normally worry about the statistics on the blog…normally. I write because I enjoy it with the knowledge that my family and friends can keep track of what we are doing while we are far apart. I also don’t only write about our adventures, I enjoy many other things than just blabbing about what I’ve done with my day. Sometimes, (to coin a phrase from friend Joel) I have a little “rantito”.

Yesterday I noticed an uptick in the blog statistics, in fact a significant surge. Along with this I also receive “push notifications” to my email address informing me of new readers and there has also been several people who have decided they’d like to “follow” me.

I’d recently consented to an interview, via email for an article in the Globe and Mail about our journey to retirement in Panama. It was a little difficult to conduct; I was on the move back and forth to Panama City and places in between during seemingly long days and I was trying to answer the interviewer’s questions as consistently and quickly as possible so she could pull the article together by her publishing deadline. Because I was busy yesterday with the Sobrina Chiquita visiting one of our favourite places  I didn’t notice the email telling me the article published.

For those of you who have arrived here from that article, welcome. I’ve read some of the comments and my wish is that those of you who have joined are interested in reading what I write. I try to keep my posts short and post pictures, this is a suggestion that one of my regular readers gave me a few years ago (thank you Paul). I will, in future posts, address a few things that are incorrect in the article for those of you unaware of them. My friends and family will be able to find them right away and will probably be equally disturbed by some of the comments on the article, should they choose to read them. I refuse to discuss what amounts to personal attacks on the personal choice we have made to move to a warm climate from strangers. We owe explanations only to those that we love, not from people who have nothing better to do than troll articles and post rude comments based on someone else’s lifestyle choice. Although some might not see it, I would equate these comments to bashing of any other personal lifestyle choice that are no longer politically correct to bash. Frankly, I find some of the comments very uniformed and alarmist.

Once again, welcome to the blog newbies. Please leave a comment and introduce yourself so it’s not a one-sided conversation. And for those of my readers who are on the same journey as we are, and there are many, leave a comment about your experiences. If you’d like to do a guest post,  or if you’d like me to link to a post on your blog let me know.  I’m glad that you’ve decided to join Spousal Unit and me for the ride…in the campo.

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Talk Thursday ~Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving in los Estados Unidos.

Although Panama does not recognize the holiday (and thank goodness for that there are enough holidays to go around in November); there will be several turkeys and hams served today around the country.  We won’t be chowing down on a large meal or rushing off to Black Friday tomorrow, but here’s wishing a happy day of thankfulness to all our friends who celebrate the day…in the campo.

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Wisdom Wednesday ~25/11/2015

Always do what you are afraid to do.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~DSCF4868.JPG

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Snapshot Sunday ~ 11/22/2015

My goal of posting every day in November has fallen by the wayside as we embark on adventures with our niece who is visiting from Canada.  We’ve boogie boarded twice; once in the pouring rain, done a yoga class, swam at the beach club and gone to dinner with friends in the last few days she’s been in the campo, and we have a few more expeditions to come.

As I’ve mentioned before it’s always a good day when the day ends with wet bathing suits and in the case of boogie boarding with bathing suits full of sand…in the campo.Erin Karen Beach Eric Erin Beach Erin Erin2 Beach

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Wisdom Wednesday ~ 18/11/2015

The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self-realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

Dragonflies 1 Dragonflies 28Dragon FlyTeeny Dragonfly

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Snapshot Sunday ~ 15/11/2015

Meet the new addition to our family. El Señor la Cafetera is the fourth to grace this very spot.  He’s a handsome fellow, doesn’t spill his goods all over the place, he was half price at DO IT Center and he’s hot and quick in the morning…in the campo.coffee machine

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Internet or We Feel Lucky, Oh So Lucky Part 2

Monday morning SU stayed home from Spanish classes worrying that he would miss the installer although he was still skeptical that he was ever coming back.

When I returned we still had no internet but after lunch not one but three Cable and Wireless trucks appeared on our street and the installers quickly got to work.

After having SU drill a hole in our outside wall to accommodate the wiring needed we are now the proud owners of 5GB of internet capacity per month.  Whoot, whoot!

But not so fast, it doesn’t work when the power goes out.  Which it has.   A few times.  This week. Or when there is storms.  Which we haven’t had this week. But, we have 5GB of internet available when all the stars are aligned and we hold our tongues just right, which is better than the 2GB that doesn’t work after 5 days.

Our lesson?  Try not to be Doubting Thomas’ so often because once in a while we might just get lucky…in the campo.

worker truck ladder line pole

Have you checked your internet speed lately?  Check it here and let me know what it is.  I promise I won’t get jealous…well maybe just a little.

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