Estructura de Iglesia

Frame: a basic structure that underlies or supports a system…

I have mentioned in previous posts that we are experiencing a building boom on our little street.  One of the structures is a little church directly across from us.

The process has been a little different compared to the normal building style in Panama.  It has plenty of concrete block and a tin roof but the underlying frame is made of metal.

One morning after the frame was up I noticed that the sunrise was reflecting off the metal, creating a rosy glow…in the campo.

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Talk Thursday ~ Traffic

Panama City isn’t one of the largest cities I’ve ever been it but is does suffer from urban sprawl.  The roads are in poor condition, there is a lack of traffic lights and traffic enforcement and there are only certain times of day where you can get from Point A to Point B without being stuck in immovable traffic.  The bigger the city grows the more cars there are on the road and most of those cars only have one person in them.  Sounds typical of any city in North America doesn’t it.  Let’s add to the mix discourteous and aggressive drivers and compound the situation.

Driving in Panama City is not for the faint of heart.  SU has been in war zones and even though he can manage driving in The City he still prefers to take a cab or be driven around.  It’s less frazzling on the nerves and he gets to see more.  When I’m visiting Panama City my friend and I make a concerted effort to go out during the non-peak times.  This means getting out of the house before 6:00 a.m. or not being on the road from 7:00-9:00 a.m., 12:00-2:00 p.m.,  or 5:00-7:00 p.m.  Often if we’re out close to 5:00 p.m. we’ll find somewhere to go and stay put until 7:00 when the traffic dies down.  Our thought is that we’d be stuck in traffic for an hour or so anyway so we might as well stay put.

Today’s video is “How Not to Get Stuck in Traffic” by AsapSCIENCE.  It has some great information about technologies and techniques that planners are using to try to alleviate traffic jams around the world.  I don’t know if these techniques could ever help Panama City and for now this gal is going to stick to driving…in the campo.

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Wisdom Wednesday ~ 24/08/2016

You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut. Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.  ~ Dr. Seuss ~


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Music Mondays ~ Thank You Mr. Downie

Canada’s unofficial poet laureate is dying, but he gave one last concert before he goes

So read a headline in the Washington Post’s Worldviews section yesterday. If you’d like to read the full article you can find it here.

The Tragically Hip, Canada’s Band, has been touring all summer.  Some believe it will be the last time that the band will play in public together, at least as the intact group they have been since 1984.  30 plus years and 14 studio albums later, their lead singer Gordon Downie received a terminal brain tumour diagnosis in December.

It’s been a poignant goodbye for the group that sings about such quintessential Canadian topics such as small towns and hockey.  The Hip performed for a sell-out crowd for their last show in Kingston, Ontario, on Saturday, broadcast live across Canada on the CBC.

Thank you Mr. Downie for the many songs and years of entertainment you provided to Canada.  And now a little classic Hip…from the campo.

Courage (for Hugh Maclennan)

Watch the band through a bunch of dancers
Quickly, follow the unknown, with something more familiar
Quickly, something familiar
Courage, my word it didn’t come it doesn’t matter

Sleepwalk, so fast asleep in a motel
That has the lay of home and piss on all of your background
And piss on all your surroundings
Courage, my word, it didn’t come, it doesn’t matter
Courage, your word, it didn’t come, it doesn’t matter
Courage, my word, it didn’t come, it doesn’t matter
Courage, it couldn’t come at a worse time

There’s no simple explanation
For anything important any of us do
And yeah the human tragedy
Consists in the necessity
Of living with the consequences
Under pressure, under pressure
Courage, my word, it didn’t come, it doesn’t matter,
Courage, your word, it didn’t come, it doesn’t matter
Courage, my word, it didn’t come, it doesn’t matte
Courage, it couldn’t come at a worse time

It couldn’t come at a worse time
It couldn’t come at a worse time

(An article explaining how the song came to be can be found here.)

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Snapshot Sunday ~ 21/08/2016

This was  driving in front of us on Friday morning.  The roof ornament was making quite a racket…in the campo.


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Talk Thursday ~ City of Knowledge

As I posted on Tuesday, I helped my friend with her market day at the French Market at La Plaza in the City of Knowledge/Ciudad del Saber.

The main thing that struck me as I visited the COK for the first time in a few years was how clean it was.  COK has its own recycling program and there are garbage cans and recycle bins everywhere.  Waste management has clearly been  a priority everywhere in the community.  Our table was not far from a bank of garbage and recycle bins and I watched several times as staff demonstrated which been the different types of recyclable went in to.

The communal spaces have been laid out beautifully and great thought put into how best use old buildings and green spaces.  There are wide roads and large sidewalks and yet parking lots are also tucked here and there to make sure that cars aren’t lining the roadways.

When we arrived it looked like there was a road race or walk that had just begun with the starting line at the sports field nearby:

City of Knowledge City of Knowledge

I found this video that demonstrates the transformation of Ciudad del Saber into a leading edge, sustainable community and workplace.  Enjoy this little, different slice of Panama when I was not…in the campo.

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Wisdom Wednesday ~ 17/08/2016

It is as necessary for man to live in beauty rather than ugliness as it is necessary for him to have food for an aching belly or rest for a weary body.

~ Abraham Maslow ~


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Market Day

While I was in Panama I went to a market day with my friend at the City of Knowledge.  She has begun making and selling organic soaps and facial and body products so her table was a perfect fit for the site. (More on that later.)  You can see some of what she makes and sell on her website Beauty Essence Organics (BE Organic).  The site is in Spanish, she’s been busy developing her products and one day we’ll get that translation button installed on the site.

Ciudad del Saber or the City of  Knowledge is in Clayton, near the Miraflores Locks and the Panama Canal Visitor Center. The main access to the City of the Knowledge is across the road from the Miraflores Locks. We came in through the other access from El Dorado and Albrook districts, coming through Corridor Norte.

It wasn’t my first time in the Clayton area but it was the first time in many years.  The French Market at La Plaza is held every month on the last weekend of the month.  My friend only signed up for Saturday as it was her first time there.  The day was so long and tiring I was glad.

Today, I’d like to highlight the French Market itself which was a long but successful day, when I was not…in the campo.

The table.

The table.

A closer look at some of the products.

A closer look at some of the products.

Some of the other vendors.

Some of the other vendors.

A view of more vendors.

A view of more vendors.

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Music Mondays ~ Don’t Use Our Songs

This video from Last Week Tonight is just too darn funny not to share.  Apologies if you’ve already seen it.  Then again, it’s just too darn funny not to watch again…in the campo.

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Snapshot Sunday ~ 14/08/2016

One of a few spiders that have taken up residence…in the campo.


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