Talk Thursday ~Caretakers Of The Land

Summer vacations for our family when our children were small often meant exploring around our province and city.   These days the term used is “staycation”, a vacation close to home that does not cost a lot of money.

One summer we travelled through Alberta and went to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller  and further afield to the Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump located 18 km northwest of Fort Macleod. One tends to forget how beautiful and varied the landscape can be when you get used to seeing it every day.  Alberta is known for its beautiful Rocky Mountains and parks, but there are many other things to see and do in the short summer months.

Today I bring you a video from The Vagabrothers that shows a little of the beauty outside the mountain range, in the foothills of Alberta. Through Writing on Stone to Head Smashed In a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll see lessons with the atlatl a long spear, and you’ll visit Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp.

I have seen many places around Panama and the world and there is still many to explore but, come along and see a little of summer in Canada from…the campo.

So, right now what I’m sharing with you is the richness and vastness of my culture.  Our history is written all over these rocks and it’s all connected to land.  We were not landowners; we’re people to care take after the land. 
~ Treffery Deerfoot ~


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Wisdom Wednesday ~ 20/07/2016

Dogs come when they are called; cats take a message and get back to you later. ~ Mary Bly ~

WP_20160716_12_50_57_Pro (2).jpg

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Snapshot Sunday ~ 17/07/2016

Nothing much goes to waste in Panama.  Take for instance a bag that SU received when he recently bought dirt from the local vivero (nursery).  He was excited to show me where it was from…in the campo.


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The Praying Mantis in the Begonias

SU came home with a few begonia plants to replace another type of flowers that weren’t doing so well in the shady spots on the front porch.  I loved the familiarity of the plants as they were my father’s favorites and I haven’t seen them too much in Panama.

A few days later, SU pointed out that a praying mantis was taking a rest on the closest plant near the door.  It was likely the same one that had been taunting Dos Gatos on the front window screen the evening before.  Not one to miss an opportunity I grabbed my phone and quickly snapped off a few pictures of the details of this interesting bug…in the campo.

I encourage you to visit this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge page to see other interpretations of this week’s challenge “details”.


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Happy Birthday!

It is daughter #1’s birthday today!  Where has the time gone?  Happy birthday my love. 034.jpg

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Talk Thursday ~ Cats

As we traveled about in the weeks leading up to the latest spay and neuter event, many of the town folk complained about feral cats.

Most people are either dog people or cat people; sometimes they do not care for animals at all. Our family always had a houseful of animals; cats, dogs, birds, fish, hamsters, our family did not discriminate.  I believe that having a pet teaches children about compassion and how to care for something other than themselves.  SU and I have chosen deliberately not to have more than Dos Gatos in our home.  We adopted them with loving and caring hearts and yes, I guess in some ways they have become substitute children for us.   We chose them because we knew that although we wanted pets in our home, dedicating time to the upkeep dogs would not be in our best interest.  And I say dogs because we know we’d always want two.

This weekend, we spent time trapping and having the feral community cats spayed or neutered.  The weather is good enough year round here that cats do well year round.  We found several spots where the cats were thriving and had help from some of the folks in the community who keep them fed.  Although many think that cats should be relocated away from the community as you’ll see from the first video, cats play an important role.  Feral cats also form communities often with generations of the same family.  The best way to keep them under control is not by euthanasia but by sterilization.  Their owners have abandoned many of our community cats; that is not the animal’s fault, and because they have been in the wild, most are not adoptable.  This weekend we managed to get some kittens, and two will have new homes.  The rest were returned to their colonies, sterilized.

After working most of the weekend with the local population of feral cats, I came home and gave Dos Gatos a little extra squeeze…in the campo.

What If All Cats Died Right Now?

Plus one for fun:

Learn to Speak Cat
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Wisdom Wednesday ~ 13/07/2016

Go for long walks,

indulge in hot baths,

Question your assumptions,

be kind to yourself,

live for the moment,

loosen up, scream,

curse the world,

count your blessings,

Just let go,

Just be.

 ~Carol Shields~


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Music Mondays ~ Change

The bags under my eyes have bags of their own today after a busy three weeks of planning the latest spay and neuter event with the animal group.  The culmination was the event that took place Saturday and Sunday.  There are still a few details to complete, payments to be made, some cleaning to be done and an after review of the clinic.

When we moved to Panama four plus years ago I eagerly accepted every challenge thrown my way.  I volunteered every time someone asked me to join their group or help them with an activity.  These days, I’ve scaled back, trying to give myself some space to enjoy some quiet time.  As I explained to a friend yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t save the world.

The event this weekend was a success.  There were some pitfalls and frustrations but as SU and I were doing a recap of my weekend last night he pointed out that I needed to focus on the positive instead of the few small bumps.  And he’s right.  We can all change the world if we work together, just a little at a time.  Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or even this past weekend.

We brought over a hundred animals to our clinic.  That’s a 100 fewer animals out in the district that won’t be creating unwanted babies.  And that is one way to change the world…in the campo.

A reminder, if you’d like to help Marbin’s family with his other medical and travel expenses.  Please click here to give. Once again, thanks to all who have read his story and contributed.


What you’re gonna do with the 36 cents
Sticky with coke on your floorboard
When a woman on the street is huddled in the cold
On a sidewalk bench trying to keep warm
Do you call her over, hand her the change
Ask her her story, ask her her name
Or do you tell yourself

“You’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world”
“You’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world”

What you’re gonna do when you’re watching TV
And an ad comes on, yeah, you know the kind
Flashing up pictures of a child in need
For a dime a day, you could save a life
Do you call the number, reach out a hand
Or do you change the channel, call it a scam
Do you tell yourself

“You’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world”
Don’t listen to them when they say
“You’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world”
Oh, the smallest thing can make all the difference
Love is alive, don’t listen to them when they say
“You’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world”

The world’s so big, it can break your heart
And you just want to help, not sure where to start
So you close your eyes
And send up a prayer into the dark

“You’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world”
Don’t listen to them when they say
“You’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world”
Oh, the smallest thing can make all the difference
Love is alive, don’t listen to them when they say
“You’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world”


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The Tube

In Panama, when they build, they don’t like to waste much space. Often, buildings look like they are attached to each other even though they may not be.

Not long ago I was on a patio in Panama City and I noticed a building next door that was being completed. When I looked up the round part at the back of the new building looked like it was a card board tube.

Look up 2

For other interpretations of this week’s photo challenge visit here.

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Talk Thursday ~ The evolution of the book

Today’s talk is inspired by a post by friend Kris about the joy of books.

Are you a reader?  What was the most memorable book you read as a child?

I am a reader.  I can’t ever remember not loving reading.  Dr. Seuss, Little Golden Books, and, my most memorable book as a child of 11 was Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.  There was a wait list for the book at the elementary school I went to, but I think I read it three times.

I remember Scholastic Books, and getting an order form at school to bring home.  I would scour the flyer cover to cover several times, making a wish list of a dozen books but being happy if I was able to pick one from the list.  I loved finding something in the discount section that interested me because, if it was cheap enough I’d be able to get two that month.

Then, I was old enough for the ‘real’ library.  I remember the Alexander Calhoun Library, a small building built into a little berm, progressing from the children’s section to the teen section, even the smell of the library and the books.    Later, when I was older, that building was torn down and a new library was built beside it.

When I was in Junior High, a group of us discovered Harlequin Romances.  Luckily for us, one of my friend’s mothers read them voraciously.  After her mother read them, my friend would read them and then she’d pass them on.  There’s nothing like a friend passing on a book.  I think part of the draw of the books was that they took place in different locales, the books were cheap, and they were quick reads.

As an adult, I will read everything and anything.  As a reader living in Panama, one of my favourite things is my Kindle.  I still enjoy holding a ‘real’ book in my hand but here, it’s so much easier with my Kindle.  Both SU and I use them every, single, day.

And now without further adieu, here is the talk for this week, The evolution of the book  brought to you by Julie Dreyfuss and TedEd.  Is a book a book if it isn’t made of paper?  I hope you enjoy this little video about the history of the book it as much as I did…in the campo.

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