Reading the Bag

I was eating a bag of nuez de marañóñ horneada (baked cashew nuts) the other day. These things are pretty tasty and I usually have to hold back from eating the bag, spreading out the noshing over a few days, after all it was the party size bag.cashew

As one is wont to do whilst eating said nuts I began reading the bag.

What I learned from the bag was that the nuts are:
a. Good for your heart because;
b. They are free of saturated fat; and
c. Very low in sodium.

I also learned that there is 15 servings of these tasty little nuggets at 10 grams a serving and each serving is 60 calories. I’d spread the bag out over three days so that meant I ate about 5 servings a day, meaning 300 calories. I was o.k. with that because of the above noted nutrition information.

The other thing that I read was the countries where the product is distributed and where the distribution companies are. It occurred to me then that most people take for granted how easy it is to find the said distribution company in North America. For instance Crown Star Foods, a distribution company in Edmonton is at 9503 49 St this is easy to GPS if you’re trying to find your way to some tasty treats.

Addresses are a bit different here and the addresses for the distributors on the back of the package are no exception. They are have a similar style in each country. For instance in Nicaragua the distributor Continent is at the Journalist Roundabout 200 meters south of the Sinter-Countess building. The distributor in Panama is Dicarina-Global Products at the Industrial Park, mile 8, at the National Bank entry, on the final left hand street.cashew 2

Usually those addresses will not change even if the Sinter-Countess building in Managua disappears or the National Bank in Panama changes to a Caja de Oro or the building burns to the ground and hasn’t existed for 10 years. These addresses aren’t so easy for a GPS to read. I think I’ll stick to buying my tasty snacks from the easy to find grocery store or the vendor that takes the time to roast them himself…in the campo.

More about cashews here.

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El saltamontes

The other day I noticed Bandit sitting on the floor staring intently at something in the window.  When I looked there was a colossal grasshopper staring back at me:

It didn’t take long before el saltamontes tired of Bandit and I inspecting it too closely and it unfolded its massive wings and flew into one of the hibiscus bushes in the front garden:

Later SU informed me that it was likely the same insect that has munched happily on some of the larger leaves throughout ours and our neighbour’s gardens. We don’t normally see too many of these insects during Wet Season but we lack the large amount of moisture we usually get and nothing seems normal this year.

I’d say this critter has all the angles covered filling up on lush green leaves…in the campo.

To see more interpretations of this week’s WP Photo Challenge go here.

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Talk Thursday ~ 08/27/2015

Today’s talk isn’t so much a talk as a song that many of us will be familiar with.  I dare you not to hum this the rest of the day after you watch it.  I know I will…in the campo.

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Wisdom Wednesday ~ 26/08/2015

Boogie Boarders Everything is amazing right now and nobody is happy.  Taking things for granted is the opposite of gratitude.  ~ Louis C.K ~

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Snapshot Sunday ~ 23/08/2015

ocean Think of all the beauty that still remains around you and stop to appreciate it.

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I Choose to Make this Day A Good Day

We’re finally getting some much-needed rain.rain

I’ve learned that happiness and gratitude are not about one good day.   It’s difficult be truly grateful until you’ve experienced bad days and adversities that teach you to appreciate what you have.

So today my good day is the rain and watching this goof run out and get wet just so he can get wrapped up in a towel.Bandit And my good day isn’t over yet…in the campo.

Was today a good day for you?  Leave a comment and visit this link to see more good days.

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Talk Thursday ~ Hormigas!

A couple of evenings ago SU was watching a television show about insects and one of the topics was bullet ants.  As he told me the next morning, these particular ants were filmed in Venezuela, but given Panama’s close proximity to Venezuela he was curious as to whether those same ants could also be found here.  For some reason I am the resident “Google” expert and I was tasked with finding out this information.

Yes, indeed I reported, bullet ants (hormigas bala) can be found in Panama.  SU has a propensity of getting stung by any matter of bee, wasp or ant around the house and garden.   I let him stew for a few seconds before I told him they are only found deep in the jungle, setting his mind somewhat at ease.

Inch-long bullet ants are one of the world’s largest ant species. With their large mandibles they can clamp on to prey or predators and then turn their abdomen to give a fiery painful sting at the same time.  This is compared to being shot with a bullet and can cause trembling, nausea, and local short-term paralysis, but not sickness or death. Their thick exoskeletons protect them from predators and they are forceful hunters going after termites, wasps and other insects.

In today’s video, filmed deep in the Panamanian jungle, Steve Backshall, host of one of SU’s favourite shows, Deadly 60, allows a bullet ant to crawl over his hand. The experience brings back agonizing memories for Steve who has felt the might of their bite before…

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Wisdom Wednesday ~ 19/08/2015


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New Neighbours of the Feathered Kind

The last few days SU and I have watched a Rock Dove fly with bits of twigs, grass and such into one of the Buddha Palms lining our driveway.

There have been several attempts to nest in and around our yard in the last couple of years, but we’re not sure how successful any of these have been.  This time the little birds are so close we can watch them from our side window…in the campo.dove dove1 dove2 dove3

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Snapshot Sunday ~ 16/08/2015

Borrowed Dog (BD) was very happy to be taken for a rainy walk on the beach this morning.  So much so that she thought SU might be driving a bit too slow…BDShe was quite content to watch the scenery going by on the way home.  Little did she know that a tick check and bath were in order upon our return…in the campo.

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