Panama Newspaper Provides the Year’s Best, Most Honest Headline Following Loss to Mexico

Had to share this blog post about Panama’s fútbol (soccer) loss to Mexico. A little sampling of what Panmeño newspapers come up with for headlines!

The Big Lead


Panama lost in epic fashion, 2-1, to Mexico Friday night in a crucial World Cup qualifier. Raul Jiminez’s late bicycle kick, or Chilena in Spanish, essentially kept Mexico’s hopes alive while ending Panama’s in the process.

It’s hard to think of a better headline than the one Panama’s Critica newspaper came up with for its Saturday edition.

It simply read: “F—ing Chilena.”  No Google translation necessary. Hey, that’s what everyone in Panama was thinking when the ball somehow found its way into the back of the net at the Azteca Stadium.

If you’re thinking its a photoshop, here’s a link to the PDF file from the paper’s website.

Yes, swearing in 72-point type is wholly appropriate after a goal like this essentially knocks you out of qualifying for your first World Cup.

Raul Jimenez bicycle kick-a

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2 Responses to Panama Newspaper Provides the Year’s Best, Most Honest Headline Following Loss to Mexico

  1. Yes, a very good representation of how different the front pages can be here! Like the close up photographs of grizzly crime scenes that sometimes appear, this headline just isn’t something you’d see in the US or Canada!

    • indacampo says:

      No, I don’t think any editor in North America would get away with that headline. But then fútbol is almost a religion here (in fact to some people it may be).

      Some of the reporting reminds me of mi mamas “True Crime” magazines that she read when I was a kid. 🙂

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