I Choose to Make this Day A Good Day

We’re finally getting some much-needed rain.rain

I’ve learned that happiness and gratitude are not about one good day.   It’s difficult be truly grateful until you’ve experienced bad days and adversities that teach you to appreciate what you have.

So today my good day is the rain and watching this goof run out and get wet just so he can get wrapped up in a towel.Bandit And my good day isn’t over yet…in the campo.

Was today a good day for you?  Leave a comment and visit this link to see more good days.

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6 Responses to I Choose to Make this Day A Good Day

  1. Today was a good until some ran into our rental car in the hotel parking garage and left. Now Connie has been dealing with the rental company in Pedasi and the CC company in the U.S. because we have extended collision coverage through the CC Company. TIP

    • indacampo says:

      😦 Good days give you happiness, bad days give you wisdom. I’d say you’re gathering a lot of wisdom lately.

  2. The blessing of rain when you really need it is one of the greatest in the world!


  3. I had a great day since we finally have sun again to lounge on our deck pool area. We had cool temperatures and rainy over cast days for a couple of days but sunshine today, yeah! Glad you are getting rain 🙂

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