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Talk Thursday ~ It’s a Hairball!

Every once in a while one of Dos Gatos starts making a retching sound indicating that something is going to come forth from his innards.  Occasionally  it’s a weird bug or the body of a larger gecko that will emerge … Continue reading

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We Both Have Insomnia…And His Name is Boomer

Lately our kitty alarm clock has begun to go off earlier and earlier.  This morning it started at 0430.  I kept hitting the snooze button but when the door banging started I had to resort to a couple of squirts … Continue reading

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Time for Some Gatotude

Boomer and Bandit here; we’ve taken over the page today.  We’ve decided that since our Woman Servant writes about us almost every day we should just show a little Gatotude Gratitude and help her today.   Also we would like to … Continue reading

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We Live at “The Pen”

The last few days we’ve been working either in the garden or out in the yard so it makes for some awfully hot work that requires planning. The planning entails trying to be on the shady side of the house … Continue reading

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How I Run Mi Casa Part 2 – by Boomer and Bandit

Our woman-servant went off to the city very early with those servants of our brother and sister.  We have decided that it has been much too long since we did what the woman-servant calls “blog”.  We brothers make a good team … Continue reading

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It’s Boomer’s Turn!

There was a beautiful sunrise today.  Unfortunately I was so busy enjoying it I didn’t grab the camera but I’m sure there will be many more to see.  It is also Thursday, vegetale day.  Where did the week go?  The visit … Continue reading

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