More Edworthy Park

Edworthy Park sits in the valley along the Bow River in southwest Calgary.  My Auntie lives within walking distance of this beautiful park and I’ve been taking advantage of it on a near daily basis while on my extended visit.  Edworthy Park is big, and a part of the park above the valley is a large off-leash area for dogs with many walking paths. 


Thomas Edworthy immigrated to Ontario from England in 1872 and moved to Alberta in 1883. He purchased property that was once a part of the Cochrane Ranch.  There, he raised a market garden that provided fresh vegetables and fruit to other homesteaders and railway crews.

Edworthy discovered sandstone on his land, and eventually he opened a quarry.  The business provided sandstone for many buildings in Alberta.  While I was there yesterday, I discovered many areas along the trails where the sandstone deposits were visible. 

sandstone sandstone

The City of Calgary developed to incorporate the land that the Edworthy family had homesteaded and had the quarry. The City began land acquisition for Edworthy Park in 1962 and the park now is roughly 169 hectares. The Canadian Pacific Railway crosses the length of the park.  In 2014 a Calgary council committee chose Edworthy Park as one of six city parks to designate as municipal historical resources.


Edworthy Park is my little piece of the country in the city, while I’m not…in the campo.


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3 Responses to More Edworthy Park

  1. shelbicraig says:

    It used to be mine too, it is beautiful and good for tubing also.


    • indacampo says:

      There are several rocks exposed on some of the smaller pathways, there would need to be a really good base down for any cross country skiing. We used to take our kids to the hill by Sarcee Hospital and there is also a nice hill over in Glenbrook. Just waiting for it to warm up a bit this morning so I can get out there. 😊

  2. Andy and Kandice Brown says:

    We actually drove by there today as we were circling Calgary doing errands before we headed back to Canmore where we live. If you get a chance give us a call out here. 403-707-6960
    Andy and Kandice Brown (also from Bucaro Beach near Tonosi )
    Ps: Hope and trust your Mom is recovering quickly.

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