Rose Hips

via Photo Challenge: Quest

I’ve been trying to get out for a walk when the weather is nice (and even when it’s not so nice) during my extended time in Canada.  I’m fortunate that there is a beautiful park not a far from my Auntie’s house that overlooks the Bow River. The time out in the fresh air gives me time to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and rack up some kilometres on my Fitbit.

Whilst out and about on this sunny afternoon I came upon this Grandmother and her Grandson foraging among the greenery.

I asked if she was looking for berries and she replied that she was hoping to find enough rose hips to make some jelly.

Alberta is known as “Wild Rose Country”although wild roses are found almost everywhere in Canada.  Surprisingly I found a couple of flowers still in bloom on my travels.


As I continued on through the park it was clear that many of the rose hips had already begun to dry out but I did find a few nice specimens.


I hope that Grandma and Grandson were successful in their quest for rose hips to make their jelly while I’m not…in the campo.

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Find a recipe for Wild Rose Hip Jelly here.


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