Lefty and Righty Sides

La Arena is a small town just outside Chitre about an hour away from us.  There is an old post where I wrote about the town of many pots and clay items here if you’d like to take a boo at it.

Our mirror image parrots have hung out on the front post for as long as we’ve lived in it.  They were among the first decorative items of Panamanian origin that we purchased…in the campo.


To see other interpretations of this week’s photo challenge “mirror” visit this page.


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3 Responses to Lefty and Righty Sides

  1. Pedasi Pundit says:

    You might want to check the last line of the first paragraph!

    • indacampo says:

      I know you speak American English so I’ll help you out here as I assume this is what you are talking about:
      take a boo
      to take a look.

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