Today (or Several) Was Fun

Today was Good

Recently we (meaning SU) had to remove a coconut palm from in front of the house.  When we planted the little frond it looked so scrawny that we thought for sure it would die within the first year.  Well, we were wrong and it thrived and it started to become entangled in the electrical wires above.


SU had a little fun getting it out but with a little determination and brute force out it came.


What he replaced it with tomorrow…in the campo.

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2 Responses to Today (or Several) Was Fun

  1. Pedasi Pundit says:

    We just had a 30+ foot Royal Palm removed from a corner location in our tropical garden by a 5 man Panamanian tree removal crew. It was very interesting to see how they did it. Certainly not the way an OSHA requirement crew would have had to do it in the U.S.

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