The Praying Mantis in the Begonias

SU came home with a few begonia plants to replace another type of flowers that weren’t doing so well in the shady spots on the front porch.  I loved the familiarity of the plants as they were my father’s favorites and I haven’t seen them too much in Panama.

A few days later, SU pointed out that a praying mantis was taking a rest on the closest plant near the door.  It was likely the same one that had been taunting Dos Gatos on the front window screen the evening before.  Not one to miss an opportunity I grabbed my phone and quickly snapped off a few pictures of the details of this interesting bug…in the campo.

I encourage you to visit this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge page to see other interpretations of this week’s challenge “details”.


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5 Responses to The Praying Mantis in the Begonias

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  3. Wow – the tail makes this critter look like a mantis/scorpion hybrid!

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, it was unusual compared to others I’ve seen here. The bright green ones are more common but this one was definitely yellow and the tummy/tail area was interesting.

      It’s nice to see you back. 😊

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