Changes in the ‘Hood

My recent post about noisy concrete trucks prompted Vecino to send me an email:

I was interested in your article the other day about the noise in the ‘hood, particularly when you mentioned the concrete truck. Are the people building the apartment building very wealthy or something? What ever happened to mixing up concrete in the road by mixing the gravel and stuff in a wheelbarrow?!

There are still many building sites, particularly housing builds, where concrete is still mixed on the street.  The trend lately though, seems to be to the stand alone concrete mixers and for much larger jobs a concrete company is used.  The large condo building has used the portable concrete mixer for the most part.  To construct the second floor two trucks rotated bringing in concrete and the workers wheelbarrowed it up to the top.  The yellow machine is what they usually use, and it runs, all, day.  Except at lunch.

concrete mixer

Vecino’s questions inspired me to give an update on what has gone on construction wise on the calle. Lately, it hasn’t just been houses.  We are also getting a church, which appears is awaiting its prefab panels.


The other is an eight unit apartment building by the quebrada that seems to have met some support issues as demonstrated by the steel reinforcement beams added after completion of the shell.

apartment apartment

And finally, the reason for the concrete trucks. A large multi unit condominium. This company already has a two-story building across from the Municipio and this is their second project. They’ve just placed signs for another just off Calle el Toro on the edge of town.Condominumsstreet view
As you can see, there has been a few changes in the ‘hood, and they are all at different stages of completion…in the campo.


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