Are You Willing to Help?

A while ago I was asked to help set up a fundraising site for the nephew of one of my friend’s.  I agreed on the condition that the family provided me with details about his condition.  Today, I finally completed reading through, translating and putting that website up.

I already knew that he has had a struggle, first with a misdiagnosis and then with traveling back and forth every couple of weeks for chemotherapy.  The community came together and raised $1,000.00 earlier in the year, but the people of our town are farmers, fishermen, and laborers that don’t make much more than $20.00 a day for the most part.

Marbin is fortunate.  He has a loving family surrounding him that would do anything to see him well.  He has two younger siblings still in school, and he is trying to complete his university studies while he has been ill.  There has been great hope and prayers to God that he will recover and have what most young people in Panama aspire to;  work, a family and a home of his own.

If any of you are reading this and can find it in your heart to donate even $5.00 it would make a big difference to this young man and his family and help provide the extras that are needed to help him heal.  I’ve set the site up in Canadian Dollars, but I think that you might be able to send USD also.  My friends; his aunt and his cousin, will be helping me distribute the funds as needed.

Please go here to contribute.  Thank you for being part of the community…in the campo.

This is Marbin with his little sister Catherine.

This is Marbin with his little sister Catherine.


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6 Responses to Are You Willing to Help?

  1. Bob Shapland says:

    I tried (before seeing your email) and saw that my contribution amount was less than what I had input. Then I saw that it was in CAD and I couldn’t find a way to change it. Then PayPal said it couldn’t process the payment and to try later. Just my opinion and this is certainly not meant to offend anyone, but if a Panamanian wants to contribute and Panama uses the U.S. dollar (as do I), it would make more sense to have the payments expressed in U.S. dollars. Those from Canada that wish to give (and I hope they do) can deal with the exchange rate since they’re probably used to having to do that. I would like to help and will try again soon.

    • indacampo says:

      Unfortunately no one else stepped up to offer help regarding the Paypal situation. As I am Canadian I can only set up a Canadian Paypal account. Dania has tried to set up a Paypal account in Panama and the account will only permit her to send money not receive it. This of course has caused some concerns for her new business accounts. Feel free to puzzle out the situation and come up with a better solution. 🙂

  2. The success rate with this disease is high and I wish him the best! Unfortunately Joel’s daughter is losing the fight with this very same cancer.
    As for CAD vs USD, small matter. Paypal did the conversion for me and the transaction went through without a hitch.
    Keep us blog readers updated now and then, and tell us if he needs more support.

    • indacampo says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about Joel’s daughter. It’s amazing how we all carry around these cells and then all of the sudden they start attacking each other.

      And thank you very much for your donation. My friend messaged me this evening to say that the gentleman that was having trouble with his donation dropped it off to her today and she was very grateful. This disease is take taken a terrific toll on the whole family financially, physically and mentally. It has been all consuming.

      And thank you for the reblog. 😊

  3. Reblogged this on The Panama Adventure and commented:
    A young Panamanian university student is in a tough spot fighting lymphoma. My friend and fellow blogger is helping him and his family raise some much needed funds. If we all help a little bit it can add up to a significant difference for this family.

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