Tropical Sweetness, Meet Simplicity

I enjoy chocolate and I’ve always enjoyed a nice pastry, but as I get older, I find that the simple things please me.  Very much.

One of the things my mom enjoys is a white, bakery bun with a bit of fruit jam, accompanied by a cup of tea.  I always thought that it was a little strange.  Why not jam on toast?  And why jam outside of breakfast?

On Wednesday, SU surprised me with a jar of golden, delicious mango preserves from our friend’s store.  Yesterday I baked some easy, white, yeast rolls.  The mango preserves were a pure delight on the rolls, accompanied by a cup of tea on a rainy day…in the campo.

Mango Preserves

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4 Responses to Tropical Sweetness, Meet Simplicity

  1. I find a bit of dark chocolate to be pure delight, but this looks delicious. One of our daughters once made fig jam from fresh figs and it was simply divine!!


    • indacampo says:

      I love fig jam! There is a brand they sell that is made in the US. One kind has walnuts in it and the other has ginger in it. I love the one with the walnuts but we can’t always find it in the stores. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Bob Shapland says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Preserves from the Red Door, perhaps?

    • indacampo says:

      So! Josefina had just made it so it was still a little warm. She and Snra Jolie also make beautiful little mini loaves that would be great with her preserves. If they last. 😊

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