The Mud Daubers ~ Part 2

The copious amounts of Mud Daubers about the yard surely predicted that we would find a nest somewhere, and we did.

The laundry is hung out to dry most days, avoiding the searing heat from the gas dryer going into the house.  When I went to fold the latest load that I’d brought in from the clothesline yesterday I noticed a small brown tube:

Mud Dauber Nest
The blue polka dots are 4cm across, to give some idea of the size of the tube. I brushed the nest onto the ground, and these fell out:

Green spiders
Not knowing if the little green spiders were dead or paralyzed I gently blew everything into the garden below.

When I got to the bottom of the basket, I found another bunch of the spiders.  They probably dropped out while I was shaking the laundry:

Green spiders

These little ones joined the other spiders in the garden.  It looked to me that one end of the tube was not sealed yet, and I didn’t see any eggs.  The clothes hadn’t been on the line long enough for anything to have hatched.  Perhaps the female was still gathering snacks for her potential young…in the campo.


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