Number 12 and Little Brother

Some of the children in town were on a bit of a break from school last week, and there were many of them out and about entertaining themselves in the neighbourhood.

Two of the little ones from up the street were enjoying themselves on the lot across the street from us and running up and down the road with a piece of rope and skateboard.  As I stood watching them giggle on a cloudy day, it brought a little ray of sunshine into my heart…in the campo.

Big and Little BrotherBig and Little BrotherBig and Little Brother
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7 Responses to Number 12 and Little Brother

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  3. number 12 used to be the substitute’s number…when footballers were numbered 1 to 11…

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  5. It doesn’t take much to entertain a kid on a summer day, does it? Your photos make me smile! Anita

    • indacampo says:

      Thanks! These two live in the tiny house you see them running to in the last photo. The family lived there for well over a year with only an extension cord connected to another building across the road. But now they finally have a meter and ‘real’ electricity. Their father drives a truck for one on the local fish cooperatives.

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