Talk Thursday ~ Do You Colour?

I have a confession.  I am a horrible artist, painter, drawer, etc.  I also have another confession to make; I love to colour.

Colouring for adults has been a ‘thing’ for the last couple of years and I’m so happy it is.  I have a giant box of super tip RoseArt markers that we bought for a $5.00 and I delight at gathering them together and colouring pages I’ve saved and printed from the internet.  I have seen adult colouring books in the city, but the $10.00 to $15.00 cost deterred me from buying one.

Studies have shown that colouring helps adults de-stress, acting like meditation.  It also encourages creativity and helps connect with our inner child.  Colouring engages both hemispheres of the brain, the creative and the analytical.  It can also increase attention span, lessen anxiety, and be used to quiet and soothe the mind before sleep.

For me, it is satisfying to see my work morph into an attractive (at least to me) work of art.  It’s comforting to take time deciding what colours to use from the 100 markers in the box and some of my choices aren’t necessarily practical. I enjoy using the brighter and lighter tones and measuring the difference between them.  Sometimes I will outline the patterns carefully and other times the goal is to get as many different colours from the box onto the page.  Colouring is something that I can do any time of day, no matter what the weather and it’s a quiet, solitary activity.

Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford has sold millions of copies of her three colouring books. Ms Basford and Sophie Garner, a colouring fan, are featured in today’s BBC video.  If you haven’t coloured for a while, try it, you might just like it like I do…in the campo.

Here are a few pages to print and colour:
1. Squirrel
2. Secret Garden Pages
3. Enchanted Forest


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