Hummingbird Moths, Motion, and Beauty in Imperfections

The beginning of Rainy Season means the arrival of some of the critters that disappear during Dry Season, most notably, critters of the insect variety. The other day I noticed three new arrivals by the bushes outside the kitchen window. I patiently watched them as they flitted about and realized that they were hummingbird moths.

The hummingbird moths are among my favourite insects, they fly and move just like hummingbirds. They can hover in the air in front of a flower while they unfold their long tongues and sip the nectar and if one listens closely, they sound just like a hummingbird.

The moths have an elongated, oval-shaped body, and their tail opens into a fan. The ones in our garden are of the Titan Sphinx variety, and they are brown, black and white, with the noticeable stripe of white around their midsection. Unlike many moth species who only come out at night, hummingbird moths are day moths that enjoy the sunshine and flowers.

After all my description about our little moths, where does imperfection come in?  It is not in the moths themselves, as they go about pollinating the flowers. It was not in the early morning, as Bandit and I stood there watching. The imperfections are in the photos. Then, here is the kicker; when I looked at them after I loaded them onto the computer, I considered deleting them, and keeping the one photo that I thought ‘perfect’. At that point, looking at them I thought about how life is about imperfection and perfect is boring.

My first photos of the year for our moths show them in motion, in perfect motion, in my imperfect photos…in the campo.

hummingbird mothhummingbird mothBandithummingbird mothhummingbird mothhummingbird moth


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5 Responses to Hummingbird Moths, Motion, and Beauty in Imperfections

  1. One year we had the sphinx moths on our deck…they were so cool to watch! We haven’t seen them back but were only treated to them that one year, sadly.

    • indacampo says:

      I don’t recall seeing much of these fellows last year after Eric removed our Porter Weed bushes. To see more than one so early in the season has been pretty nice. They seem to be drawn to the lavender coloured flowers. Did you have something planted around your deck that year that may have attracted them?

      • We always have lots of potted flowers and different kinds to attract hummingbirds. I don’t believe anything was planted different that year, hmmm.

  2. Nancy says:

    We get these on our butterfly bushes in Western PA. Love to watch them going from flower to flower.

    • indacampo says:

      They’re not as colourful (or as noisy) as a hummingbird but they are as interesting to watch. And so fast!!!

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