Talk Thursday ~ Cat in a Box

Anyone who has a cat knows that they love to find hidey holes and play with bags and boxes.  Today’s video is by animator and author Simon Tofield the creator of ‘Simon’s Cat’ one of my favourite cartoons on Youtube.

Simon is spot on with his animations about his cat that gets its inspiration from one of his now deceased felines Hugh but is a mash-up of his four cats. Simon is the tolerant owner of the cat. Cat exhibits typical behaviour in his love of food, birds, mice, and fish out of the koi pond. The humour comes from his efforts to get said birds, mice, and fish.

Today’s video explains why cats like boxes.  Dos Gatos enjoy their box as do their littermates…in the campo.


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2 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ Cat in a Box

  1. Darlene says:

    Dos Gatos were one of the reasons I started following you! If we move there we would bring cats and dogs so I ‘m always interested to see how they manage there. I loved the film clip and made a box here- interest only lasted 1/2 an hour . . maybe later – they are cats and totally on their own schedules.

    • indacampo says:

      Dos Gatos prefer paper bags more often than not but they do crawl into their ‘toy box’ every once in a while for a toy or some destruction. Our good friends have their brother and sister and we’re trained to keep our shoe boxes as they are crazy for them. Although they have the boy that obviously was crowding the rest of them in utero and he doesn’t fit in the smaller sandal boxes. 😊

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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