Talk Thursday ~ Orchids

The area we live in is not conducive to orchid growing.  There isn’t enough humidity during Dry Season to sustain most varieties.  Somehow, we have managed to get four different types to grow, though only three have ever given us blooms.  Three plants, purchased locally are growing in dirt and the fourth, from El Valle and the most recent bloomer, is in bark mulch, shaded by a larger potted plant.

Several venues in Panama hold fairs or shows throughout the year.  Events such as the  Panama City Show, the Holy Ghost Orchid Fair in Las Minas, Herrera in September, and the Chitré Orchid Society Show in October showcase different varieties of orchids.  There are also several places in the mountains of Chiriqui province that grow and sell orchids.

I found this interesting little video about orchids on one of my favourite YouTube channels MinuteEarth.  I hope you find it as informative as I did…in the campo.



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2 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ Orchids

  1. Pedasi Pundit says:

    Have you been to Finca Dracula orchid farm in Cerro Punta? Have been told that they have over 1,000 varieties of orchids. On our bucket list.

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