Morning Coffee

I was in my late 40’s before I decided that maybe coffee wasn’t as bitter-tasting as I thought it was. Like my mother, I was a tea drinker up until then.  I still enjoy tea at least once a day but every morning, if we haven’t had a power outage,  the coffee machine comes on automatically at 5:45.

I usually have one cup, and SU will drink the rest of the pot during the day.  He loves his coffee and we’re very fortunate that we live in a country that produces some of the best coffee in the world.  After many tastings of expensive brews and economical brands, we settled on Duran or Palo Alto or we combine both.

We don’t have a fancy brewmaster; we’re on our fourth non-complicated drip machine since we’ve moved here.  I like this coffee maker, it seems well-built and hopefully will last us longer than a year.    I do enjoy lattes, and that’s what I make every morning.

I’m proud of my latte system and often I’ll take pictures of my morning coffee while SU looks at me as if I’ve lost it.  How do I make a fancy latte without a fancy machine?  This is my technique:
1.  Brew some hot coffee, your favourite brand;
2.  Get yourself a clean jar, large enough to hold double the amount of milk you want in your latte, but small enough to fit in your microwave;
3.  Fill the jar half full of milk;
4.  Put the lid on and shake the heck out of that jar so you’ve got lots of bubbles;
5.  Take the lid off and microwave until the milk is warm (my microwave takes 30 seconds);
6.  Pour your hot coffee into a large wide mug or a tall latte mug, add sugar if you want (I don’t use sugar), half  to three-quarters of the way will do, depending on how strong you like it;
7.  Pour your milk on top of the coffee and scoop those luscious bubbles on top;
8.  Sprinkle with a little cinnamon;
9.  Enjoy!

A tall latte mug with a foamy coffee with cinnamon on top.

My latte creation.

I had trouble finding a tall latte mug, and my mom bought me this one while I was on a visit to Canada.  I noticed that they had some cute cups similar in size when I was in Novey in Chitre a couple of weeks ago.  This mug is my favourite and is irreplaceable to me…in the campo.

Are you a coffee or a tea drinker? What is your favourite brew, do you take it black, with cream and sugar or do you like the flavoured teas or coffees?  Let’s discuss.  🙂


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4 Responses to Morning Coffee

  1. I am also late to the coffee world, as I didn’t start drinking it until the last six years or so. Thanks for the tip on making the lattes. When I don’t have my coffee black I go for a latte or a cappuccino so I just may make use of your instructions!

  2. Deborah says:

    You made me smile at how inventive we get at times when we work with what we have. I used to heat the milk and then put it in the blender. It wasn’t until later in life that an artist friend converted me to coffee by introducing me to vanilla ice cream paired with the coffee. Mmmmm! Will still work in a pinch.

    • indacampo says:

      That sounds yummy. I do like a little sploosh of flavoured creamer every once in a while. Even though the goal was to downsize our lives we seem to have re-accumulated ‘stuff’ again and I don’t see the need for another machine in the house. This works just fine. 😊

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