Talk Thursday ~ Hope and Photography

I was thinking about the end of Photography 101 drawing near.  I’ve enjoyed the challenges and I’ve learned a lot.   I also thought about how wonderful it is to get out there and do what you love every, single, day.

I’ve posted videos from Louie Schwarzberg who talks about gratitude, beauty, miracles and nature in his work.  Today, I’d like to share  a talk by Thomas Peschak who looks like he has one of the best jobs on the planet.  As he explains in the video, everyone on this planet affects and is affected by the ocean.  When I walk on the beach and I see the garbage that has washed up or thrown there it seems hopeless.  Then I see something like this video and I think there is hope…in the campo.

* Leave me a comment and tell me what your favourite photo is, I’d like to know.  Mine?  The whales in Canada of course!


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8 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ Hope and Photography

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and amazing Ted Talk. I watched it with the idea that I could pick out a single favorite (the sea turtles might have been close!) but was instead totally captivated by the whole video. Anita

    • indacampo says:

      I also loved the turtles. The protection of them are such a large part of many people’s lives in our area. They are so beautiful and graceful in the water. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the video.

  2. Amazingly beautiful video! I cannot choose my favorite, either, but I really loved the manta’s and the whales. Also, the two star fish touching “hands”. There is so much we don’t know about animal and marine life and assume that they do not think or feel. Thank you, so much for sharing this inspiring video!

    • indacampo says:

      You’re so welcome! The mantas look like they are floating in some kind of square dance don’t they?

  3. ME BE in Panama says:

    Awesome video, thanks for posting. It’s great to see there are people out there calling attention to the bounty & beauty of the earth, and what we stand to lose if we’re not proactive. Great stuff, thanks again.

  4. That’s a gorgeous video! I loved all of it but I’m especially moved by the manta rays.
    I have some catching up to do on your blog. I’m glad I went back to where I left off so I didn’t miss this gem.

    • indacampo says:

      You’ve been busy doing other stuff lately, you’re excused. 😊

      We’ve got some big machines working across the road I’ll be posting about soon. Every time they crank up I’m reminded there’s a little boy in California that would probably enjoy the noise. 😊

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