The first part of the theme for Photo 101 today is both a noun and a verb.  Edge (n): the outside limit, area, or surface; a place or part farthest away from the center of something.  Edge (v): give with a border or edge.  And alignment (n) meaning in part: an arrangement in a straight line.

There is a strong and sturdy building being constructed across and down the road from us.  Every day we see the progress of the construction and the care the builder is taking to make sure of its durability.  It has strong footings and big steel posts and beams.

The edges of the big, green posts and beams align with each other in perfect symmetry…in the campo.

The brown blob is cow poop. They escaped the campo a few nights ago.

The brown blob is cow poop. They escaped the campo a few nights ago.

A corner edge.

A corner edge.

A building under construction.

Electrical conduit is gray, water and sewer are white.

Building shell

I flipped the perspective of this shot around in the photo editor. The shadow is actually the other direction on the sand sifter.

A building under construction.

Some of the concrete block.

Blogging U.


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3 Responses to Construction

  1. hannahkenway says:

    I like these – especially the last one. Can I ask you what “The Campo” is please?

    • indacampo says:

      Campo means “field or countryside”in Spanish. El campo. Or my Spanglish. 🙂 We live with a large field behind us. When we first moved here it was planted with rice but the last couple of years it’s been maize. During Dry Season the farmer allows the cows to roam and they are great escape artists.

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