Water Moves

I took 220 pictures this morning in and around our water fountain to capture the Photo 101 Day 3 theme; Moment and Motion.

I kept my flash off, I slowed down my shutter speed and I adjusted my ISO and pulled out the tripod.  In other words I really used my DSLR camera today.   I even took out the manual to help me.  I’m not going to lie, it was fun.  Even SU got into the act, changing the height of the water and the type of spray…in the campo.

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Blogging U.


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10 Responses to Water Moves

  1. Robin says:

    Whoa, these are great water movement pictures!

  2. patcoyle53 says:

    Great job! Water motion can be tricky, but you nailed it!

    • indacampo says:

      Thank you. It was fun as I’d never really adjusted the ISO, or anything else for that matter, manually.

  3. Pedasi Pundit says:

    Lo siento, all I got was a black rectangle!

    • indacampo says:

      Your device needs to either take time to load them or you’re not running JavaScript on your device or computer.

  4. At first I got a black rectangle like Pedasi Pundit – it just takes a bit for the photos to load but they’re great. On our next visit back to the US I’m going to pick up a GOOD camera and start playing. Looks like your blogger university is the place to pick up some great tips but I can also see where all your hard work is paying off too! Anita

    • indacampo says:

      Thank you! It all depends on the device you’re using and if if has JavaScript. For instance I can’t see the images on my Kindle because it doesn’t run Java. Sometimes a delay may also be caused by a slower running internet. It seems like the connection needs a second or two to “think” about it. For this reason I don’t often use the “slideshow” format but, we are being challenged to do something different so, I did. 😊

      I’m really enjoying the session and learning a lot. The themes are challenging me to try things I wouldn’t normally think about. And you don’t need a fancy camera I’ve discovered a few new things about my point and shoot and my phone camera. It does take some time though. I may have over committed myself self by taking on a university course and the Blogging U at the same time.

      You should give it a go next time it’s running Anita. Or any of the others WordPress runs. It’s kind of fun for those of us who are perpetual learning nerds. 😊

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