En blanco y negro

Architecture for Day 12…in the campo?  This task was a little more difficult.  Had I still been in the city I wouldn’t have had a shortage of modern and old building as my subject.  Here in our little town however; well, it’s a different story.

This morning I pedaled my bike down to Parque Central to get a picture of the largest building in town; the Catholic Church.  In most Latin American countries the towns sprung up around the center of the community, the church.  Not everyone is Catholic these days but a large percentage still follow the faith.

The church is being spruced up now for Semana Santa or Easter Week which begins with Holy Thursday.  As I  was getting my camera out the former President of Panama Mireya Moscoso and her bodyguards pulled up in front of the church. Sra. Moscoso is usually in town for Easter Week and is a patron of the church so I figured she was stopping in to check on preparations and wouldn’t be long.  I waited patiently for her to move her two trucks parked in front as her bodyguards stood waiting.  When they did go to leave the  guard sitting in the passenger seat of the truck that follows her gave me a wave and I waved back.

The first photo is from my phone.  I’m learning how to use the “panorama”view and in doing so I’m learning it takes a little patience.

Santa Catalina Church, panoramic view

Santa Catalina Church, panoramic view

This second shot was taken on my Canon DSLR. I liked the framing of the tree in front of the church.

Panama church, black and white

Santa Catalina Church

I then walked over to the other side of the square to take a few photos of the restored Moscoso house which has been turned into a museum full of articles and pictures from Sra. Moscoso.

A house in Panama

Moscoso Family House

And finally, because I like taking photos of doors in Panama a close up of one of the doors…in the campo.

Door in Panama

Door of Moscoso Family Home

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