Señor Gecko

Our House Geckos sleep during the day to emerge as night falls looking for bugs to eat.  I appreciate the role they play in nature to keep the bug population down.  I don’t always appreciate the few that get into the house that leave gecko presents for me to clean up.

This one was perched on our dusk to dawn lamp in the back garden waiting for it to come on.  He’s pretty clever, the bugs are attracted to the light and all he has to do is flick out his tongue for his supper.

Once the light came on it made it look like Señor Gecko was on the moon…in the campo.

Gecko Gecko GeckoBlogging U.


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2 Responses to Señor Gecko

  1. Brilliant!
    You and the Gecko!!!!!!

    • indacampo says:

      Gracias Señor Dookes! I need to go a visiting to see what you’ve been up to the last few days. 🙂

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