Snapshot Sunday ~ 13/03/2016

Dos Gatos were exhibiting the funniest behaviour last evening as the sun was beginning to wane.  SU had brought several large rocks into the yard intending on using them all to renovate a section of garden in the back.  This is a spot where we’re having a problem getting anything to grow.  When the area gets wet it turns into a mud pit and using rocks not only helps to avoid this but also retains moisture during Dry Season.

SU had set up all but three of the large boulders he’d found.  We both think the area will have to be pushed out at a little farther than where he’s planned, requiring more boulders.  Dos Gatos have decided that they love the stragglers along the side of the house, so much so that they proceeded to drape their bodies over them, hugging them tightly.  We figure that in the cooling air the rocks retained the heat of the day. Now that they’ve adopted them as their own we don’t have the heart to move them.   I guess it’s obvious who rules the roost…in the campo.

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