The Cowboy

For today’s Blogging U theme “solitude” I decided to head West instead of East.

When I climbed on my bike mid morning in search of a subject somewhere in the countryside I was thinking that perhaps I’d find a solitary cow or tree among the many campos.  I lucked out when I came upon a lone vaquero herding some of his charges in to be fed and watered.

When he noticed that I’d stopped he yelled at me; “¿Dígame?” Here that means; “Hello!” or”Tell me!” or “Can I help you?” I asked him if I could take a photo of him and he answered, o.k. with his horse.   After taking two pictures I cycled on.

On my return trip the cowboy was in the pen with the cattle and I stopped and asked him his name.  “Amoro!”, he answered.  I told him my name was Karen.  He then made a couple of kissy faces and laughed “Amoro, Amoro”.  I laughed at his joke, which he seems to be very practiced at, and wished him a good day.

You see my new friend Amoro, is named after “love”…in the campo.

Cowboy in Panama on horse

My new friend Amoro the cowboy on his horse.

Blogging U.


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4 Responses to The Cowboy

  1. kingsoracle says:

    Amoro,sure looks cute on that horse! 😀

  2. hannahkenway says:

    Do you think that was his real name?!

    • indacampo says:

      Most of the locals have nicknames especially the males who are usually named after their fathers. I wouldn’t doubt that this was his nickname. Thinking about the encounter has made me chuckle again. 😊

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