Days End, Contentment and Serenity

People would think that because the Spousal Unit and I are retired that we’d be together all day.  That’s not the case most days,  we often pursue activities autonomous of each other.

As the end of the day draws near and supper time approaches we come together on the back porch to watch for the birds flying across the fields.  This involves a beverage of some sort and of course Dos Gatos stretching out on the last warmth of the concrete or coming for a little scratch. That is bliss…in the campo.

Man and cat

Bandit and SU watching for birds.

Blogging U.


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4 Responses to Days End, Contentment and Serenity

  1. Spending time with your spouse should be bliss. I love the message and the photo.

  2. Since I retired I wonder how I ever had time to go to work!
    Nice post.

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