La Vida es un Gran Amanecer

I love the light first thing in the morning.  As the sun comes up over the ocean and atop the campo behind us, I can almost measure it, inch by inch…IMG_1090.JPG
Most mornings, if I see a hint of orange in the sky, I will walk out on the porch in the morning luminescence. Then around the house, camera in hand trying to catch the glow before it so quickly changes. SU watches me, I’m sure thinking I’m a little touched in the head taking pictures of inanimate objects…IMG_1119IMG_1120 IMG_1121
Like a great dawn , life seems to pass by so quickly.  And we should attempt to take some time to see what is around us, live in the present and savor every moment…in the campo.

To see other interpretations of this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge; “State of Mind” hover your mouse and click here.


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