Dia Internacional del Gato

Image Cat
Depending on where you look Cat Day is either 08 August or 29 October or TODAY!

International Cat Day is celebrated every year on February 20. It is a day whose goals are to raise awareness worldwide of the importance of proper care for a cat. The date was chosen by social networks especially Twitter and Facebook to recognize the gato and to promote the rights of animals against the abuses, deficiency of care, abandonment, etc.  If you’re on Twitter check out the hashtag #DiaDelGato and you’ll find many pictures of cats and their owners posted today.Socks-president

The International Day of the Cat is held every February 20 in honor of the death of one of the most emblematic cats in history, it is the Gato “Socks”, the former White House cat. Socks became famous when she was adopted by Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill Clinton who was the governor of Arkansas then. Socks was rescued after Chelsea spotted her through a window during a piano lesson. Socks was a domestic short hair ‘tuxedo’ cat with sock-like markings on her feet, and President Clinton referred to her as “Chief Executive Cat.” When Socks died of cancer in 2009, her ashes were flown back to Arkansas for burial.

Dos Gatos






Although Dos Gatos aren’t famous, they know that it’s Dia del Gato every day in our house.  And in their mind’s eye, that’s enough…in the campo.


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  1. Good to see your cat is feeling well again too

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