The Dry, The Dirty and The Beautiful

In Panama, we only have two seasons, Wet or Dry or as they call it here; Invierno o Verano.  The wind is blowing from the North, it’s Dry Season. With the wind comes a fine coating of dust that coats everything, making it almost impossible to stay ahead of the cleaning.
IMG_0992 There is a cloud of dust created any time a vehicle travels down the dirt road in front of our house.
IMG_0993 The fallen leaves and blossoms accumulate in piles waiting to be picked up.
IMG_0994And the palms and other trees seem to be permanently bending in the winds.IMG_0995 IMG_1016 IMG_1022 Yet, Dry Season also brings the most beautiful of flowers, that burst forth with color.IMG_1005 IMG_1006 IMG_1007 IMG_1008 IMG_0867Normally in May in Panama the rains of Wet Season begin; although they have got later every year.  They start off lightly and as the season progresses the rains come down stronger, sometimes lasting all day. By July, the rains are interspersed with sunshine and high humidity that makes us wish the rain would fall and wash it away even for a few short hours. In December after the hardest rains comes the shifting of winds and the breezes of Dry Season again…in the campo.

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