Talk Thursday ~ The Essence of All Life

It’s water.  And it something we didn’t have for a few days over Carnaval.

Now, I know we have a supplementary tank and a pump but what happens when the electricity goes out for a day along with the town water supply?  We use the generator of course to run the pump to push the water into the house.  But we can’t use the generator all day.  And what happens when the water pump overheats, has a meltdown and finally, goes kaput?  Well, it did.  So we went without water for two days.  Luckily our neighbours’ pump was still working and we used the shower there. We had stocked enough bottled water and water in a large garbage bin to wash dishes with.  Within two days SU had driven around the district and finally had to go to Chitre to get a new pump up and running again, bless him.

Accumulated bits and pieces.

Accumulated bits and pieces.

Old pump.

Old pump.

New pump.

New pump.

Every day of Carnaval the town was without water because of the increase in demand.  I can’t imagine having to go through days at a time rushing to get water for cooking in the morning or getting the kids cleaned up at night when the water trickles slowly through the lines again. We are truly fortunate to have that tank and that pump.

As you may have guess already, I’m still preoccupied with water.  And that is what the talk is about today because, likely there are still some people without it…in the campo.


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6 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ The Essence of All Life

  1. Great info – thanks for sharing. Tough questions to ask ourselves as we increasingly foul this limited resource. Water is the new gold! Anita

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, and there has been reports that bottled water consumption is up significantly in Panama. Now I’m wondering what is happening with all the plastic bottles…

    • indacampo says:

      Panama needs to take a lesson from California and deal with their problem differently. The current solution is to pull out the ground water as California did and unless the rains return in force it’s going to be a very bad choice and a short term fix.

  2. Andy and Kandice Brown says:

    Your comments and concerns are right on. While we live in an area that has lots of water we have been preparing for the possibility that it will become an issue. We have put in a storage tank and pump to supplement the local system. Catching of rain water in the rainy season is next on the list of must do’s ! Your picture of the plumbing parts is so perfect. You cannot live here without a supply of parts for plumbing. Even if you do not need it , someone always needs another 90 or a joiner or a valve.! ( oh also , if you happen to stock a check valve you can be a pretty important person in someone’s home.)
    Keep up the great info indacampo !

    • indacampo says:

      Thanks! 72 hours without water over Carnaval here. Thank goodness we got our pump going again. And we too learned early on that if you are needing to buy one of something always buy two. 😀

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