Talking About an Evolution…Well You Know

I’m in Panama City for a week visiting with my friend.  Lately I’ve been thinking about evolution or reinvention.  Evolution is a good place to start though.   In part, evolution is defined as: the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Synonyms: development, advancement, growth, rise, progress, expansion, unfolding; transformation, adaptation, modification, revision.

There were a few big things of note taking place in Panama City this weekend.

1/ La reina del Carnaval Gay capitalino, Ambar Lorena Santander was handed her crown and scepter.  See her here.  To me this speaks of transformation for a group that has been stigmatized in the past.  And I think she’s prettier than the “real”queens;

2/ There was a huge procession to celebrate  San Juan Bosco, one of the most beloved saints for World Youth. He was a priest, educator and Italian writer who dedicated his life to helping young people, taking them off the streets by offering them education.  San Juan Bosco was progressive I’d say;

3/ There was a Greek Fest on Saturday, there was lots of Ouzo, bouzouki music and food I’m sure.  That’s expansion of Greek culture to the masses, in Panama no less.  And the Greeks have a long history in Panama;

4/ And there was an Ironman 70.3 race and a Canadian won it!  How does this one fit in? Two words: reinvention and transformation.  Rather than repeat his story you can read about it here.  

My friend has been busy with a reinvention of her own.  She’s fallen in love with creating organic lotions and potions for the face and body and wonderful smelling natural soaps.  For the moment she’s decided to market her products a home parties a la Mary Kay.  Mary Kay Ash started her own cosmetic business at the age of 45, if you’d like to read more of her “reinvention story” you can find it here.

I spent my Saturday afternoon with a group of lovely Panamanian women, practicing my Spanish and giggling as we were given instructions on how to use everything in the collection.  I hadn’t done anything like it for years and I have to admit it was fun.  Here’s a picture.  As usual I’m the one with her eyes closed:Face party

Today we’re off on another adventure and for now, I’m not…in the campo. But SU and Dos Gatos are.  🙂


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One Response to Talking About an Evolution…Well You Know

  1. pklainer says:

    Looking very charming, all of you lovely ladies. 🙂 I’m a great admirer of Mary Kay Ash. She created a path to financial self-sufficiency for a lot of women, even if people do mock the pink cadillac that her top performers win.

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