Talk Thursday ~ Motivation

I’m a procrastinator.  When I dislike doing something I leave it until the very last and ooops, if it becomes that magic time in the morning if I don’t get the job done I save it for another day.  So is the saga of the vacuuming this week.  I finally had to get down to business yesterday afternoon after putting it off for several days.

I posted before about how I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead I try to focus throughout the year on changing or trying one thing for 30 days at a time.  I found that I was getting busy doing other things during the day and was often forgetting to drink water other than when I was working out or at meals.  I downloaded an app that reminds me every hour to drink my eight ounces (by the way, I found out how much  you drink depends on so many factors it’s just that eight glasses of eight ounces is easy for people to remember).  Not drinking enough is not good when you’re sweating out as much as you can put in.

So, about my challenge, it’s gotten to the point that after almost 30 days I am grabbing my 16 ounce glass and drinking it leisurely down before the app reminds me.  Often by early afternoon I’ve managed to get my task completed.  This makes those around me happy because they don’t have to listen to the hissing sound (which apparently sounds like a sauna by my friend thinks sounds like I’m passing gas) when the reminder comes up.

For those of you trying to keep resolutions or 30 Day Challenges going I hope you enjoy this little video with some motivational tips.  After seeing this my next 30 Day Challenge may be to learn the dance from Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”.  That might be fun, or not…in the campo.

(If you’d like to find some of my postings about what I’ve tried in my challenges I occasionally post about them and tag items or categorize with “small changes”.  Enter this term in the search box and they’ll pop up.)  



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One Response to Talk Thursday ~ Motivation

  1. We all need to remember to stay hydrated. I’ve read that you must take half your body weight and use that number in ounces for a formula of how much to drink on a normal day. 🙂

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