Talk Thursday ~ It’s January, We Need a Laugh

This week as I was considering Talk Thursday I decided to visit the Ted site and found today’s video. I think it’s laugh out loud funny and I was laughing so much that SU came to see what the fuss was about.

As usual when I see something or someone I like I have to do a little research.   In this case the funny man James Veitch, a London-based comedian.   James set up multiple email accounts with fictitious identities and for two years replied to the flood of spam they caused.  He then compiled the hilarious conversations that resulted in a book “Dot Con: The Art of Scamming a Scammer”. Unfortunately it’s not available on Kindle outside of the UK but it is available in paperback.

I found a promotional video for a tour he is doing and it relates to what todays talk is about:And now today’s talk.  I hope that you will find it as funny as I did…in the campo.


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6 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ It’s January, We Need a Laugh

  1. ME BE in Panama says:

    Great “Lizard Gummie Bear” Fun! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. That was a BIG laugh for the day! Winnie…

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