Tan ligera como una pluma

Almost every day the Rock Doves take a break from brooding and enjoy a little sunshine outside our kitchen window. dovePhoto by Sobrina Chiquita

For several days now there has been a fluffy feather  laying in the “gato anti escape” section of our fence . I’ve watched it blowing in the summer breezes, seeming to float, soft and downy. I can’t help but think of the verse from the song by Nora Jones, “Light as a Feather” every time I see it and it plays in a continuous loop in my head:

We’re light as a feather
Heavy, as the weather
We’re light as a feather
Got you and I together

I photographed that one little feather in the early morning light and the fading light of day. And this morning it was again blowing on the breeze…in the campo.Feather 1 Feather 2 Feather 3 Feather 4

Check out more interpretations of “weight” here.


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