That Bird, He’s Crazy!

We have a flycatcher that’s taken to visiting us every morning around 8:00.  He announces his presence loudly, and he’s a big flycatcher, a Great Kiskadee. I would compare a Kiskadee to a Blue Jay in call and volume.

Mr. Flycatcher is a little loco.  Every morning he perches on the solar panel in front of our house or the neighbour’s and gives himself a good scolding accompanied by a lot of puffing up and wing flapping.  He also has recently taking a liking to squawking at his reflection on the truck’s front window.  We know he’s probably staking out his territory and chasing away his rival. Who is, himself.   This does greatly entertain Dos Gatos and I and we’ve taken to patiently awaiting his arrival every morning.  What can I say?  Life is never boring…in the campo.

Kiskadee BirdBandit watchingBoomer watchingBird on a wireBird on the line Bird on the truck Bird on the truck





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One Response to That Bird, He’s Crazy!

  1. ME BE in Panama says:

    Excellent pictures, thanks

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