Talk Thursday ~ That’s a Big One!

I thought for this week’s video I’d try to find something festive, informative and entertaining to celebrate Christmas.

This video presented by Rick Mercer fits in the spirit of the season.  And judging from some of the comments on social media in Panama if you wanted a real Christmas tree this year you’d be SOL about a week ago.  Almost all the trees sold in Panama are imports from Canada and they sell quickly for between $25.00 to $125.00 or more.  How’s that for a little piece of trivia?

I always enjoy checking in with the Mercer Report for a bit of down home humour.  I like that Rick isn’t afraid to make fun of himself…or others.

And the tree being lit:

Eric and I and Dos Gatos send you wishes for una maravillosa Nochebuena from the campo!

More Rick:
Our House
Canadian Remembrance Day


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