Rub, Rub

When we were in Casco earlier in the month we stopped in  to La Iglesia de San Jose so Sobrina Chiquita and SU could go inside and take a look.  As mi amiga and I were waiting for them to come out two women stopped in front of the church with their backs to me.  I noticed that one had a microphone on and a videographer was standing by.  I thought that maybe it was one of the local news people doing a feature on the church and then thought nothing more of it, concentrating on staying out of camera range.  When SU exited the church he asked our friend if she recognized the woman holding the coffee cup, after a long hard look she realized that it was Sandra Sandoval the well known Panameña singer.  Sandra is one half of the group Sammy and Sandra, the other half of course being Sammy who is her brother.  I’ve seen almost every Sammy and Sandra video on my many bus trips back and forth to the city but although she looked familiar to me I couldn’t quite place her face.

Mi amiga quickly approached Sandra as she is acquainted with her and asked if Sobrina Chiquita could have her picture taken with her:Sandra and SC
You’ll notice that Sandra has about four-inch heels on but she’s still a good six inches shorter than SC.

Here is one of Sammy and Sandra’s music videos, Soba Soba which translates into Rub Rub.  They release a new song and video for carnaval every year and this is their official video for Carnaval 2015.  The basic gist of the words is enjoy the big party (rumba) and the music for the people, and the rub and dance. And there’s a lot of that going on during carnaval…in the campo.



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  1. Why did SU not have his picture taken with Sandra? ;>}}

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