Counting Mercies

I found my IPod in the cupboard a few weeks ago and decided to charge it up.  There is a decided dearth of good in music in the campo, unless one counts when it’s fiesta time and the loud speakers are booming techno, but I wouldn’t call that good music. We mostly rely on getting a good signal from the radio station in Panama that plays English music and when that fails there is a station in Chitre that we can receive that plays a combination of English and Spanish tunes.  And when that fails we are stuck with a station that plays only Spanish music and to be frank, although our Spanish is o.k. most Spanish songs on this station sing about love lost and hearts broken with the same words set to a different tune, no es bueno.

I also decided that I would get a memory card for my phone to save some music to.  Now we will have an option of the radio, IPod, the CD player and small CD collection we have, and my phone.  As I discover some new songs on line with our surprisingly good internet I’ll probably share them like I am today, let’s call it “Music Mondays”.  I don’t expect spending countless hours searching for music but I do enjoy a good song, even some of the fun Panamanian ones.

Today, I’d like to share with you a song from one of my favourite artists and home girl Jann Arden.  For those of you not familiar with Jann I urge you to Google her.  Jann is from the Calgary area where I grew up, is 12 days younger than me and she has a great body work that has spanned over two decades.  The song I’ve chosen is from her album  “Everything Almost” released last year.  If you like to see Jann talk about her album and this song you can go here where she is talks about her favourite songs on the album.

I’ve included the lyrics and although Jann talks about how she wrote this for and about her father who did eventually succumb to his illness,  I think that it could apply to many of the relationships in our life be they marriage, parent and child, or friendships.  As we approach the holidays and a new year it’s sometimes difficult to look back on the changes that have occurred for some of us this year; and there are more to come I”m sure.  I’d like to hope that despite some of the challenges and triumphs we can look back on these experiences with gratitude, hope and love.  I know I will…in the campo.

When we’ve been though, all this?
It goes to prove, how much we fit
We’ve made mistakes, we fail a lot
But here we are, look what we’ve got

Count the mercy, count the pain
Summer’s running from my shame
All the blessings, all the falls
Count the days when, we almost had it all

Nobody said, that life was fair
You do your best, and hope like hell
You grit your teeth,
And bite your tongue,
You hold your heart, out to the sun

Count your mercies, count your pain
Summer’s running from my shame
All the blessings, all the falls
Count the days when, we almost had it all

If this is it, and now it’s done
I’m more than glad, for all I’ve won
To feel your love, has been my life
I hope you know, that I’ll be fine.

I’m counting mercies, counting pain
Summer’s running from my shame
All the blessings, all the falls
Count the days when, we almost had it all.


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