The Cats of Casco

Every day at 5:00 in Casco Viejo a woman feeds the Gatos de Calle.  They wait for her expectantly as she spreads kibble around for them and gives them clean water.  We were fortunate to be in one of the feeding spots when we visited this week.  The cats are lovely; seem well fed and cared for and several sport the distinctive clipped ear that indicates that they are spayed or neutered.

SU and I stopped to thank the woman for looking after the gatos and gave her a donation to help pay for their food.  She thanked us with a toothless grin and continued with her task while we walked on to admire her charges throughout Casco while we’re not…in the campo.WP_20151201_16_56_24_Pro C Gatos 2 C Gatos 3 C Gatos 4 C Gatos 5 C Gatos 6



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2 Responses to The Cats of Casco

  1. Andy and Kandice Brown says:

    Very impressed with your blog and the quality of the information in it. It will surely help new expats to Panama to sort through the processes. Wish we had found it earlier.
    Enjoying the articles. We are in Bucaro Beach, close to Tonosi.

    • indacampo says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting. We tried to make a day to get out your way and do the mountain road back to Las Tablas with our niece but we didn’t make it we only got as far as Cañas for the new zip line. 🙂

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