I don’t normally worry about the statistics on the blog…normally. I write because I enjoy it with the knowledge that my family and friends can keep track of what we are doing while we are far apart. I also don’t only write about our adventures, I enjoy many other things than just blabbing about what I’ve done with my day. Sometimes, (to coin a phrase from friend Joel) I have a little “rantito”.

Yesterday I noticed an uptick in the blog statistics, in fact a significant surge. Along with this I also receive “push notifications” to my email address informing me of new readers and there has also been several people who have decided they’d like to “follow” me.

I’d recently consented to an interview, via email for an article in the Globe and Mail about our journey to retirement in Panama. It was a little difficult to conduct; I was on the move back and forth to Panama City and places in between during seemingly long days and I was trying to answer the interviewer’s questions as consistently and quickly as possible so she could pull the article together by her publishing deadline. Because I was busy yesterday with the Sobrina Chiquita visiting one of our favourite places  I didn’t notice the email telling me the article published.

For those of you who have arrived here from that article, welcome. I’ve read some of the comments and my wish is that those of you who have joined are interested in reading what I write. I try to keep my posts short and post pictures, this is a suggestion that one of my regular readers gave me a few years ago (thank you Paul). I will, in future posts, address a few things that are incorrect in the article for those of you unaware of them. My friends and family will be able to find them right away and will probably be equally disturbed by some of the comments on the article, should they choose to read them. I refuse to discuss what amounts to personal attacks on the personal choice we have made to move to a warm climate from strangers. We owe explanations only to those that we love, not from people who have nothing better to do than troll articles and post rude comments based on someone else’s lifestyle choice. Although some might not see it, I would equate these comments to bashing of any other personal lifestyle choice that are no longer politically correct to bash. Frankly, I find some of the comments very uniformed and alarmist.

Once again, welcome to the blog newbies. Please leave a comment and introduce yourself so it’s not a one-sided conversation. And for those of my readers who are on the same journey as we are, and there are many, leave a comment about your experiences. If you’d like to do a guest post,  or if you’d like me to link to a post on your blog let me know.  I’m glad that you’ve decided to join Spousal Unit and me for the ride…in the campo.


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You'll find me at https://indacampo.wordpress.com/ blogging about Panama...and other things.
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17 Responses to Welcome

  1. Chel says:

    I admit I found your blog through the article (G&M) on my Twitter feed. I recently left my career, am the same age as you and your husband and have been looking for inspiration and motivation. I don’t like to add to my inbox (who does) so I was surprised to find I didn’t hesitate to sign up. I liked the refreshing and friendly (family) feeling I got from the posts that I read. Thank you. Chel 🇨🇦

    • indacampo says:

      Thank you for reading Chelsea. The Globe has a chat series for snowbirds and I’ve been invited to participate next week. I’m not sure if they archive the series or not. When I have a better idea of what date and time it is I’ll post it. Thanks for your lovely comments.

  2. This is your life and for people to comment negatively on your lifestyle is a bit sad and pathetic. I didn’t register to the site to see the comments but I hope they didn’t disturb you too much. Live your life to the fullest!

    • indacampo says:

      Thank you for commenting Barbara. Sadly I believe that internet trolls are bullies hiding behind their computer screens. At first I was bothered but as I told one of the editors Panama has taught me empathy, tolerance and boatloads of patience. 🙂

  3. Edie Baxter says:

    I just finished reading 78 comments from that article and all I can say is “WOW!”
    I didn’t know it was that easy to gather that many bitter, negative people together so quickly. I am shocked!
    Edie Baxter in Boquete, Panama

    • indacampo says:

      I agree Edie, life is too short to be so negative, it takes more energy to put out negativity than joy, and I have other ways I like to direct my energy. And that would be the reason why my quadriceps have been aching for the last two days. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading the article and leaving a comment.

  4. Wow! Just wow. It is interesting how one persons perspective can be so different from another’s. But, if those negative people are so down on Panama that’s fine. We don’t need them here anyway.

    • indacampo says:

      I knew I could count on you amiga. I’m enjoying seeing your grandbabies on FB and the blog but I bet you’re also missing Joel. 😘

  5. Peter says:

    I discovered “indacampo” yesterday and am excited to be reading your blog about living/retiring in Panama. I am thinking about retirement in Panama. Personal safety at home is my utmost concern. How would you assess condo living vs detached home in the smaller cities or towns?
    Best wishes to you and your esposa as you fulfil your dreams.

    • indacampo says:

      Thank you for joining us on our adventure Peter!

      I can’t attest to condos vs gated I can just relate our experiences in small town Panama. In our area we are fortunate that we haven’t had much violent crime.. That’s not to say that there isn’t crime, there is. In fact we had many home break ins last year. This prompted us to install security bars on our windows as a precaution. Some people installed alarms that they monitor on their cell phones when they are not at home. There is no such thing as connecting an alarm to notify the police.

      I think that what happened last year might be an anomaly, I haven’t heard of many problems since some suspects were arrested. And people are less complacent about their security. The police are very understaffed and the criminal system works very differently here. Something that we’ve learned through our time here.

      Since you’ve asked the question and you want my opinion 🙂 I’d like to say that it is very similar to what it would be like in Canada. If you treat those you meet with kindness and respect you will receive the same in return. Don’t over trust, but don’t be suspicious of everyone’s motives.Be cautious, but not fearful. And you would be amazed at how learning the language and being able to communicate with your Panamanian neighbours makes a difference, and you’ll meet many people who will tell you the same.

      Thanks for reading and commenting..

  6. pklainer says:

    Karen, I read the Globe and Mail article, and many of the comments. I’m really startled at the personal and overtly hostile nature of many of them. Good for you for not responding to anything of that nature. I’m really surprised at how cheeky people are about offering up their opinions on your choices. I love reading your blog, and very much respect the way you and Eric have worked to become part of the community, not merely “the expats.” Through your observations and shared experiences you give a realistic idea of what it’s like to move to a different country and live in a small town. Very helpful and really interesting, whether or not any individual reader is thinking about moving. When you write a post think of those of us who are eagerly awaiting what’s next, not lurking in judgment.

    • indacampo says:

      Thanks Pam! I appreciate that you understand that we aren’t living in the Panama of the 60’s that you are very familiar with. It is amazing how some people will sit in judgment of others behind the anonymity of the computer. I don’t think that a small article in a newspaper can reflect what it took to set up our lives here and everything that we do to keep our lives going here and how we fill our days and give back to our neighbours and community. Although yes, lately we have been spending a lot of our days boogie boarding and embarking on other adventures with the sobrina. But as you know that’s not real life every day for us. Hugs to you and yours. 🙂

      • pklainer says:

        Many of the responders to the Globe and Mail article had a critical view of Panama that hardly fit Panama of either era, past or present. And they seem to have completely missed the reality of your life there. Your commitment to being neighborly is a wonderful thing and speaks volumes about who you are as people. The commented should try it sometime.

      • indacampo says:

        Thanks Pam. I made a choice a while ago to only keep people in my life that “fill me up” you are definitely one of them. I doubt if 99.9% of the commenters would make the cut.

  7. Grant Cree says:

    Hi Karen,

    Enjoyed reading the G&M article and your blog. Very inspiring. Please tell Eric I’m taking pix of 3VP B Coy next week. They’re jumping into wonderful Wx! Anyway my wife & I were next door visiting Honduras this summer, and we look forward to your latest blog updates.


    Grant from YEG

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, I recognize your name photographer dude! I was at the airport in Calgary in June waiting for a plane to Toronto and then forward on to Panama after visiting our family in Edmonton and then Eric’s folks in Calgary. There were a few people across from me that looked like they were VP and were somewhat familiar to me. It looked like they had a very organized portfolio for Honduras. I think deployments to other countries, training with other nations and moving around to various places over the years makes our kind a little more adventurous. Especially when you consider some of the s#%tholes that troops are sent to. Thank you for reading and commenting. I see that winter has hit YEG with a fury. I’m letting himself sleep in this morning, very unusual for him he’s usually up before 0600. 🙂

  8. ME BE in Panama says:

    Karen & Eric, isn’t it cool that you have created an amazing life through your adventure!! I agree with Kris, Panama is better off without the incredibly fearful (and mean-spirited) people who commented on the article with such negativity. We enjoy your blog and intend to retire to Panama as well. Cheers, Mariah & By

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