Talk Thursday ~Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving in los Estados Unidos.

Although Panama does not recognize the holiday (and thank goodness for that there are enough holidays to go around in November); there will be several turkeys and hams served today around the country.  We won’t be chowing down on a large meal or rushing off to Black Friday tomorrow, but here’s wishing a happy day of thankfulness to all our friends who celebrate the day…in the campo.


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3 Responses to Talk Thursday ~Thanksgiving

  1. Happy U.S. Thanksgiving!

  2. While we were in the US this fall we celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving in October with our Canadian friends. And, thanks to your clip, I now know the difference. Interesting! Anita

    • indacampo says:

      We Canadians don’t make such a fuss but we do enjoy a good meal, for sure. Glad you enjoyed the video. I so love the videos from Mental Floss and others of their ilk. 🙂

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