Snapshot Sunday ~ 11/22/2015

My goal of posting every day in November has fallen by the wayside as we embark on adventures with our niece who is visiting from Canada.  We’ve boogie boarded twice; once in the pouring rain, done a yoga class, swam at the beach club and gone to dinner with friends in the last few days she’s been in the campo, and we have a few more expeditions to come.

As I’ve mentioned before it’s always a good day when the day ends with wet bathing suits and in the case of boogie boarding with bathing suits full of sand…in the campo.Erin Karen Beach Eric Erin Beach Erin Erin2 Beach


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4 Responses to Snapshot Sunday ~ 11/22/2015

  1. Oh, that looks like so much fun and to be able to that with your daughter…how fantastic!

    • indacampo says:

      She’s actually our niece. The youngest grandkid on SU’s side. But she is very similar in personality to our middle daughter and we’re enjoying having her here. 😆

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