Internet or We Feel Lucky, Oh So Lucky Part 1

If you’ve followed along with our internet saga thus far you’ll know that after humming along quite nicely for well over three years, recently the internet has slowed down considerably.  Considerably meaning that a few days after recharging our Claro the hamsters go so slow I might as well go back to sending things by post.  Unless of course one wants to use internet somewhere between 10:00 p.m. to about 06:00 a.m., then it works just swell.  Not wanting to become nocturnal and using the internet as our main connection to the world outside the campo, we decided we needed to try to find another solution.

The solution we came up with was to travel to Las Tablas to visit the Cable and Wireless people to check and see whether we could get their internet service. Upon informing the young man who got our lucky bingo number that Claro service was “caca de vaca” we filled in the forms, paid our twenty dollars for installation and laughed maniacally when the young fellow informed us that our internet would be installed within seven working days.

Skeptical about what the outcome was going to be SU kept an eye on his phone and the street the following week as the Patrias Fiestas days ticked on by.  Finally, last Friday after exactly five business days (or we can deduct the three holidays that week and make it two) the Cable and Wireless truck appeared on our street.  SU quickly ran out to flag him down but he’d already stopped thanks to our identifying handy-dandy house number we put on our front post.

As the installer took a look at where the lines to our neighbors were, he informed us that he wasn’t sure if there was enough capacity left in town for us to get internet.  He told us that he would check the main switching station over by the Health Center and let us know whether there was a line available.  We crossed our fingers and waited.

After lunch our intrepid worker returned and informed us that there were three lines left for the entire town and we were going to be the lucky recipients of one of them.  In preparation he had already pulled the wire from the switching station to the end of our street.  High fives were distributed all around.  He then informed us that because there was no light/electrical pole directly in front of our house that we’d have to install a pole in back of our electrical stanchion to  loop the connection wire through.  SU quickly ran to the local hardware store to buy the supplies needed.

Saturday morning, after borrowing a post hole digger from our friend, SU got to work installing our internet pole.  Still dubious that we were ever going to get internet we waited out the rest of the weekend…in the campo.



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5 Responses to Internet or We Feel Lucky, Oh So Lucky Part 1

  1. Once you get your C&W service, talk to Connie and she can tell you how to get “THE” C&W Customer Service agent that speaks English on the phone. She calls regularly when it slows down and “He” does something from his end and the speed goes back up.

  2. I feel both your pain and anticipation as we rely heavily on WiFi or internet to feel connected to our friends and family back in the US as well as well as for news, information and entertainment. It’s an actual physical ache not to have a reliable connection! Anita

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