Chaos Creates Order

We’ve had an unusually dry and hot Wet Season this year. With drier weather comes more dust and dirt. We also have a bit of construction ongoing in the calle and this means large trucks delivering materials stirring up even more dirt on the road.

It’s tradition in Panama to give the house a good cleaning, decorate it up a bit and perhaps even give it a coat of paint before the Navidad holidays. We’ve decided we’ll give the house a good full coat of paint in the new year because in the over three years we’ve been here we’ve only done a few touch ups here and there. The elements take a toll on paint and woodwork so it’s time. The dirt however, is another matter.

I used to take a bucket of soap and water to wash the dirt out of the window screens inside and out. I found it somewhat therapeutic to toil a couple of hours away and be rewarded with a new view to the outside world; one free of fuzzy lint and bits of dirt and bugs. Since we’ve had the lovely metal embellishments added to our windows it’s become a little more difficult to do the screens from the outside so I’ve been making do with some swipes or vacuuming the inside only. Yesterday SU decided the Project of the Day would be cleaning the screens.

One of the best things we brought with us from Canada was our power washer. This handy tool has been invaluable in removing gecko and bat crap, algae and mildew and cleaning out the barbeque. In fact we used the first one so much that we’re on our second one, luckily found on sale because they are a little pricey here for a good one. SU dragged the magic water machine into the house to wash the windows from the inside-out but of course they also needed to be done from the outside-in. This required help from me, holding multiple towels over the closed windows to keep the water from pooling on the floor, this was successful but created a load of dirty towels. The project also means that the wood frames and hinges on the windows will need oiling after everything is dried out. The bit of splashing means that the curtains will all be taken down and washed, but it was time to do them anyway. And then of course the floors will be swept and washed.

The house will be chaotic for a couple of days as one job begets another. In the end, Dos Gatos get a tad discombobulated, the spider webs removed (sorry spiders), gecko poop is swept away, wood glows and everything is back to order…in the campo.

Wet Window 1 Wet Window 2


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7 Responses to Chaos Creates Order

  1. Sounds like quite the project! Good job 🙂

  2. pklainer says:

    When I read this post I’m reminded how much work it is to keep a home shipshape in a hot,wet climate with crawling and flying things that poop. Kudos for the clean-up. 🙂

    • indacampo says:

      Many people have a person who comes in to do the garden and another that comes in to clean. Our place is manageable enough for us to do on our own. What would we do all day if we didn’t have chores? Dos Gatos keep the geckos down as best they can but they’re not superhero cats so there’s still a few inside and we get these bugs that look like little pieces of concrete that have a worm inside them. Thankfully they seem to only come out when the humidity rises but I’m constantly picking them off the walls. 🙂

  3. Ambitious but then you get the reward and glow of living in a clean, poop-free and well-cared for home! For us it’s kind of nice to forego the joys of homeownership after years of maintenance and remodeling where one project begets another begets … Happy fall cleaning! Anita

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