The Sandwich

We went to Chitre yesterday because we seem to go through fresh fruit and veg as quickly as a tent caterpillar plague in the poplars. The stores in Chitre offer a better choice of fruit and veg than our local Mini Supers or the two supermarkets in Las Tablas. Although, here’s a qualification; if one wished to wait for one of the fruit and veg guys to come to town as I did for most of the first year that we moved here or you shop with the fruit and veg people in downtown Las Tablas, you’re golden. Yesterday however; we chose to skip Las Tablas because the Desfile de Banderas one of the largest parades in the country was taking place.

There was a little debate over whether we should even go, given that there would be a large amount of traffic but we decided if we left early all would be good. We were out the door at about 8:40. We enjoy going to Chitre on a Sunday, like PTY on a Sunday there’s very little traffic and so zipping in, around and out-of-town is easy.

As predicted there was all sorts of this stuff on the highway:1 2bus 3bus 4bus7bus 6bus8bus 9clownOk, so the bubble making clown wasn’t part of the exodus of buses going into Las Tablas but it is kind of interesting what one sees at the traffic lights in Panama.

And when we came back through Las Tablas there was all sorts of this going on around town: road1 road2road3 road5 road6 road7 road8 road9road10

Again, the horse probably wasn’t involved in the desfile but it makes for an interesting picture.  In case you didn’t catch it that last bus was actually backing up across the road.

Where does the sandwich come into it? After we finished our shopping we decided to have a sandwich at Riba Smith. SU paid for the groceries and looked after getting them loaded into the car while I ordered  a sandwich combo for each of us.  We ate and off we went.

While we were eating supper last night SU began talking about our lunch. This was reverse thinking because normally when he’s eating lunch he wants to know what we should have for supper. The conversation consisted of this; SU: “You know that sandwich today wasn’t too bad, I liked the toasted bread on it, but it really wasn’t much of a Crunchy Tuna Sandwich was it?” Me: “What do you mean by that?” SU: “Well it was kind of runny, I like the way you don’t put so much goop in the tuna, but I liked that there was tomato on it.” Me: “Yeah, my filling was kind of falling out.” SU: “And I didn’t have very many nuts in mine, but there was a lot in the piece of yours that you gave me.” Me: “You must have gotten all of mine because I think I only got one walnut in the rest of it.  I think there was supposed to be apple in there too but I didn’t really find any of that either.” SU: “And was there mozzarella cheese on there, do you think something like that needs cheese on it?” Me: “Well, it’s a toasted sandwich, the cheese is the glue that holds everything together. Maybe cheddar would be better.” SU: “Yeah, but Panamanians don’t really like the strong tasting cheddar like we do.” Me: “It was nice to have something healthy but I think next time I’ll save the tuna sandwiches for home. I just need to get the squishy toasty bun thing going for you and you’re set.” SU: “Yeah, I liked the toasted bread.”

Man, we’re getting old…in the campo.

If you’d like to check out my post from last year when SU and I actually went to the desfile go here.  Come to think of it part of that day consisted of eating also.

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3 Responses to The Sandwich

  1. Haha, too funny! I used to think my in-laws and parents were a bit odd to always be having conversation about their meals. But I think now that we are retired we also will be asking each other what to have for dinner.

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