2015 Month of Getting Nothing Done or Noviembre, Mes de Patrias

We’re once again back around the calendar to Fiestas Patrias month.  I’d like to rename this month “Fiesta Your Face Off 2015 And Pretend It’s February” but I’ll settle for my standard Getting Nothing Done Month.  Here’s the schedule this year:

Monday, November 2 ~ Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos (no loud music or alcohol sales)
Tuesday, November 3 ~ Separation from Colombia
Wednesday, November 4 ~ Flag Day
Thursday, November 5 ~ Colón Day
Tuesday, November 10 ~ Los Santos, The First Cry of Independence from Spain
Saturday, November 28 ~ Independence from Spain

Then we add in a couple of more parades for the school children, notably a parade in Pocri and the big one in Las Tablas. And all the towns have a couple of days of fundraising ongoing for their Carnavals, our side of town began as soon as the alcohol ban lifted the morning of the 3rd, don’t let the schedule fool you, it goes on for days and we’ve noticed at least one of our neighbors has vacated for a quieter area.  But then the neighbor who owns the house across the street showed up for some revelry….with four car loads of people.
Fiesta Patrias Carnaval

This year even Google got in on the festivities…
It definitely is once again the month of Getting Nothing Done…in the campo.

To read more about the history behind the Fiestas de Patrias you can follow my earlier posts:
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November the “Get Nothing Done Month”


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4 Responses to 2015 Month of Getting Nothing Done or Noviembre, Mes de Patrias

  1. That includes the internet, which has slowed down to a crawl, most likely because everyone deserted Panama for holidays with the family in the interior and then they get on their beloved Cell Phones and start messaging! There was a survey recently that stated Panamanians are forgoing other things like food and clothes to buy minutes for their Cell Phones!

    • indacampo says:

      102,000 cars out of PTY! 79,000 still need to return to the city as of this morning. I wonder how many were on the buses?

  2. Actually, if you look at it differently, we in North America are way to over worked and stressed. They certainly know how to unwind, relax and enjoy life. 🙂

    • indacampo says:

      Yes. Except that some use it as an excuse to drink and party all night. Last night it was our next door neighbor and the owners that only come here to part across the street. The next door neighbor is still sleeping but the people across the way have started up again among their garbage and cans from last night. There were 102,000 cars counted on the highway out of PTY. So far as of this morning 79,000 haven’t returned to the city yet. That’s a lot of people dumping into small towns like ours. 275 people have also been caught drunk driving so far. We’re all looking forward to having our tranquil town returned. 😸

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