Wisdom Wednesday ~ 28/10/2015

More of my wisdom today…

This is one about reading instructions. My lovely friend, in the interest of my health, brought me this item when she returned from North America. I thought it a somewhat strange gift but nonetheless accepted it with the gratitude it deserved upon discovering that it could perhaps last me more than a year.

After using it for a week I commented to SU that I didn’t know what all the hoopla was about. It was darned uncomfortable to use and I didn’t think that it worked very good, in fact some days I couldn’t stand the smell of myself. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth I examined the product closer and discovered that I had to wet said product before using.

My wisdom for today is: always read the label before using, otherwise you might not be able to stand the smell…in the campo.


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9 Responses to Wisdom Wednesday ~ 28/10/2015

  1. So, now that you wet it, do you like it?

  2. LOL, yes, read the label. I use one of these and it works great and you can reapply, if needed throughout the day. No chemicals.

    • indacampo says:

      I told my friend the story and she said she told me how to use it. My bad, I guess I wasn’t listening either. That’s what I get for being a know-it-all!

  3. HaHa! Seems like a simple thing to remember but I know the “duh!” feeling all too well! Anita

  4. pklainer says:

    I still think it’s a bit of an odd gift. Not sure I’d like getting deodorant from a friend, even a unique kind of deodorant.

    • LOL, I can understand that.

    • indacampo says:

      Oh, I wasn’t offended, she’s rediscovering the beauty of the “simple”after so many years of being a busy business woman. I’ve helped her discover some things that I thought most people would know how to do but I guess when you work 12 to 18 hour days for so many years there are many things you don’t have time for. This is part of her discovery of healthier cosmetics, lotions and potions. I know she is just looking out for my health, although yeah, when I looked at it I thought it was a little strange…and heavy. 🙂

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